Thursday, September 20, 2012

Test Post

Attempting to Load Pix.

I got it to work..
I even added a pic of a scantily clad babe to see if they were running a 'no porn' filter.  But it loaded that and I ran it, but then removed it because we do occasionally here from our Lady friends, and I didn't want to offend anyone.



Anonymous said...

You should've run those pics of Missy and that pony.

srk said...

Couldn't find an upload button on compose new page

Anonymous said...

I love the bottom pic. That's the opening shot from the AMC movie channel.

Schteveo said...

that's the one I used.

There's not an upload button, but there is a 'picture' in a frame. Hit that 'picture' and a dialogue box opens tat let's you add a picture or a video.

Schteveo said...

I love that too, Edward Hopper, "Nighthawks".

There's an old 'That70's Show, where Red takes Kitty out to dinner and they wind up in a diner, at the very end of the show the camera pulls back and it's THAT picture.

Very clever.

El Rauncho Banger said...

Boot up that Gash Pic Steve. If the occasional Twat visiter gets her snatch in a bunch just tell her we're gonna bend her over and give her a royal Poot Job.

Nanner Muslim said...

Watch it raunchy dude. For steve scantily means her nose sticks out of her burka.

Anonymous said...


Squishing Turd Muslim Munky said...

Load Pictures? Sheeeeeeeiiit. I tink Ah jes loaded mah unnerwearz.

Whoooooooaaaa now I knows ah jus loaded mah britches yo bitches.

HeyZues De Las Christos said...

I jusht hoid dish wun frum Mosas dish mornink.............

So Mohammud was fukking dis old sow pig up the ass whilst he was blowing this gay Jewish Rabbi.

So then Mohammud says (wit the jew cock in his mouth:


And then the Jew says back to him "yea, it might BE a fukkin joke, but it's in YOUR mouth!".

Baraaaaaaak said...

You, you are a pig, and the son of a thousand bastards whose daughters are whores of the virgin mary. You will die a thousand deaths like a dog of the great satan deserves. Your beard is too short and your turban smells of the juice of the bottom of a pig that has been beaten with the doles of old shoes.. When you die may you receive 72 lesbian virgins!!!!!!!!

Schteveo said...

...just remember, it's OK to talk to yourself, so long as you don't argue!

Anonymous said...

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