Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I love this.  we can call it simply superstition, and we all know it is.  I recall a drawing of a stork being choked to death by a frog that it was trying to eat.  I have the same image in my mind's eye.

One last act of defiance.


what a way to end my 22 day work week.  :-)



Spider said...

Ahh, now that's a good Mooselamb!

Hey guys, check this out. Something big is going on.


Schteveo said...

I saw this elsewhere and I thought how funny it was! This clown CHOKED on our flags smoke, then died from the fumes!!! Is it sick to feel like this...MAYBE!!!! But if they'd just get the hell over themselves, it wouldn't be killing them!!

(I'm betting it was one of those cheap ass Chinese nylon / plastic flags!!)

I wonder if the Obumblites are attempting to overload the supply train so WE can't get ammo? How much does this make now? Like 5M or 7M rounds all told, right, across the departments and agencies? And who the hell is going to SHOOT all that crap?

I will NEVER buy that even 20% of the feds with guns WILL fight FOR the WH / DOJ / WhoTF-ever. I don't see Joe(Josephine) Fed fighting FOR this WH, all the while his wife, kids, family, gay BFF or lesbian lover, are sick, starving, losing their homes, jobs and anything else the (D)s think needs redstributing, and all the while that stupid twit in the Oval Orifice shits down their throats.

And Spider, I know all about the brain-dead, PC minded, PC follower syndrome, you and I argue that one every time. But the DOJ took a pounding today over F & F, they got caught feeding e-mails to Media Matters ABOUT F & F, the WH got caught lying about the recent attacks in Libya and Egypt AND it was some of their own MSM who blew some of the whistles. The point, to me anyway, is that he's losing his minions. And all this crap about Obama being ahead in the polls...lies lies, lies and more lies.

"...and in a poll of people who know who Obama is and who swoon at the sound of his voice, but who think Romney screws Martian dogs based on what the WH tells them, Obama is CLEARLY ahead by 9 percentage points!"

Even IN such screwed up and skewed polls that jug eared ass munch can't get into double digits, BWAhahaha! If that's the way it is, he's not going to win without pulling some kind of Chitown Political Hack BS. And while the dick weeds in Cook County might go for that crap, the general populace of the rest of the country will NOT.

Neither will the feds with guns. (IMHO, of course)