Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eleven Years Later

"It's the 11th Anniversary of America's 'Other' Day That Will Live In Infamy. It's a day when we look back dust the cobwebs off our synapses and ask the hard questions.

Does anybody still remember that 19 religion of peace pieces of pig shit who ripped a hole in the beating heart of the Big Apple that might never heal?

Does anybody still remember that these Jihadikaze rat bastards murdered 2,974 people on that infamous day?

Does anybody still feel that boiling rage that welled up in us when we watched American Airlines Flight 11 crashing into the North Tower?

Does anybody still feel that gut wrenching feeling that hit us when United Airlines Flight 175 hit the South Tower soon after?

Does anybody still feel that up swell of 'we need to track the bastards down and kill every damn one of them' when we saw American Airlines Flight 77 hit the Pentagon?

Does anybody still remember the fearless New York City firemen who risked and, in 343 instances, sacrificed their lives trying to save those who were still trapped in the mortally wounded Twin Towers?

Does anybody still remember the 23 NYPD officers and the 37 Port Authority Police officers who died in the line of duty on that bloody day?

Does anybody still remember the passengers on United Flight 93 who mounted an attack on the terrorist bastards and gave up their lives stopping another assault on our liberty?

Does anybody still remember the horror we felt when we watched at least 200 people who were trapped in the Twin Towers jumping to their deaths rather than be burned alive?

Does anybody still give a damn that these 6th century super naturalists spend every waking minute thinking up new ways to bring down this nation conceived in liberty?

Does anybody still remember that we are in a war for our very survival with an implacable enemy who won't quit until we've tracked every last one of the bastards down and executed them on the spot?"

Sadly, i truly doubt it...

Borrowed from the patriotic minds at PIG...


Spider said...

Today marks eleven years after the biggest terrorist attack on our soil. Eleven years, and there's still a huge empty hole where the WTC used to stand. It's been eleven years and the elected lying crooks, and the insatiably greedy land owners, (and yes, members of the public and some family members also) are still fighting over who will profit most from this national tragedy, which has now become a national embarrassment.

Eleven years later and i still wonder, as i did on 9/12/01, how many more 9/11's it will take to make America, and the American people, wake up.

alan said...

the answer is "yes". Those Americans who sweat in support of this country, those Americans who shed tears in behalf of those who do not understand, and those that bleed so that this country can be....every one of those Americans....remember.

Cowpill said...

I remember everytime a comrade is killed in combat,
I remember when I say I don't trust any muslim and I am told I am racist an intolerant.
I remember evertime a muslim asshole burn a flag or president in effigy, that's OK they are just expressing their frustration.
I remember everytime a politician uses the lost as a campain point.
I remember being angry the day of the attacks and how angry I am that our govenment turned on us, not them.
I remember when America was looked as a power to be reckoned with.
I remember when people of political power loved our country and didn't cuss it.
I will remember when they come after me for believing in freedom and defending that until I have no breath left.
11 years later I remember, all to well.

BOW said...

It's amazing that so many "Amerikans" now think we spend to much time on this "ancient history". Our enemies know us better than we know ourselves.

Schteveo said...

DON'T forget that part of the reason the Towers AREN'T back up yet was typical NYC Political BS!

As you said, people fighting for money and power kept the buildings down. Human hunger for power and basic stupidity took the towers down AND delayed the rebuild. Personally I never understood why they didn't put the SAME buildings back, same look, same size, same exterior as a big FU to the Islamofascists. No, instead they spent three years looking for something different. WHY? Just rebuild with modern techniques and materials, and safety systems.

Now the Radicals cam always look at the south end of the island and gloat that WE had to change.

And I do remember them, that day, and everyone who has spent to or gave all for this country.
Billy O,
I don't follow.
Also, let me say that the Obumble Admin truly showed their true abilities and Foreign Relations superiority and colors by APOLOGIZING for hurting the 'feelings' of the Egyptians. I mean, WTF, we can get plenty more Ambassadors, right? One dead Ambassador is just foolish to get amped up over, right?

EVEN my better-half was pissed off this AM over this. And I quote,
"...oh, this ASSHOLE has GOT to GO!!!"
This from a women who rarely, if ever, uses four letter punctuation. (that's MY wheelhouse) It's more in the level of never. But I'll second her emotion, if we do not eliminate the (D)s as a driving force in November, we'll be over run by the America Haters even before we collapse in on, and internally, destroy ourselves.

Nuke Munky Poot said...

Ten years later there are still muslims walking around alive. Not if I would have been running the show.

And there'd be a lot fewer fukking French as well. And Cubans, italians and mexicans

Can't forget those sukking fux in brazil and holland and pretty much that whole area including all those nordic collaborators.

Oh, have to include those bastard russian bolshivicks, nuke them for sure along with all the former ussr. Them we can get down to business with all the various flavors of Chinks.
Yea, fuk dem all up.

BOW said...

If you get into these "discussions" in such places as facebook, etc, you will quickly find all sorts of people some of whom now relegate 9/11 to the past much the same as some of our generation look at Pearl Harbor Day. They dismiss it as something in the past, move on, etc....

BOW said...

Our enemies, who unlike our society of ADD folk, think in terms of much longer time periods. They attack, wait patiently while we self destruct a bit, and peck at us again when we let our guard down.

Spider said...

Quite right Bill. Perhaps things will improve after 4 or 5 more 9/11's.

If weakness and stupidity were valuable, we would have a huge surplus instead of massive deficits.

Obama.s' Legacy said...

Don't worry BOW. With Obamas' help we'll have another 9/11 to jog their memories. And this one will be one to remember.

Schteveo said...
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Number Twelve said...

Wow steve, yours was the eleventh comment on nine eleven. Kind of creeps you out, huh?

Dumpo Dude said...

Man what a dump. Tink I just flushed my synapses down da tubes.

Schteveo said...

# 12,
doesn't bother me at all, I don't believe in signs, portents nor numerically linked future events. I'd happily live at 1313 Thirteenth Street.

Just so long as it was out in the boonies. That might be a great way to keep people off the street!