Friday, September 7, 2012

What Do You Think

So, a retired coin dealer relative of yours dies and leaves you his possessions. Among those possessions are 10 "ultra-rare", US Double-Eagle gold coins worth Millions. (you wish) Wanting to be sure of what you have been left, you take them to the US Mint to be authenticated. When they examine the coins, not only do they authenticate them as being 100% real, but they "seize them and take them from you !

Obviously, you get a liar,.... oops, i mean lawyer, and sue the govt. In 2009, a federal judge says the govt. violated your Constitutional rights by taking your coins, and they're returned. Of course, the govt. is really pissed that they couldn't grab your $80 Million in gold, so they take you back to court. Now, that very same judge says that, since you can't prove they're yours, (ie: paper work) it obviously means they were stolen from the US Mint. Poof! "Your" coins are gone. Again!

But wait a minute. Does the govt. have any proof that these coins were stolen from the Mint, or anywhere else? Nope. Does not the law require the govt. to prove that you're guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt "? Well, when this was still America it did..... Justice, or justice denied?


Schteveo said... much for that pesky Constitution, and all those inconvenient laws that followed along behind it about protecting the citizens and their property.

Fuck Muslims with porcupines said...

Any fukkin moron that goes to an obama administration agency with that stash is a fukkin moron and deserves what the fuck ever he gets.

Anonymous said...

Now that's the right answer!

Gabby Johnson said...


Calypso Louie said...

Nigga goin shteel all he can get an gib it tew hid muzlum fends and den bust up awl da ress.

Phentas Foont said...