Sunday, September 23, 2012

The United States of FUBAR

"Let the people think they govern, and they will be governed... " William Penn

"The Supreme Court unanimously - yes, UNANIMOUSLY - upheld the portion of Arizona's Immigration Law that directs law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of every one who is arrested for a crime. Not "ALLOWS" them to check, but "DIRECTS" them to check. That means it's mandatory.

Less than three hours later, the President of the United States issued an executive order blocking access by the state of Arizona to the the Federal Database that would allow such checks. The only State or Local entity EVER to be blocked.

One hour after that (which means they had it all ready in advance), the Department of Justice went live with a toll-free number, a web site, and ads, asking people to report being "racially profiled" because of this ruling, so they, the Department of Justice, can file "Civil Rights" lawsuits against the Police Departments, Sheriffs, Cities, Counties and State of Arizona.

In other words, the American Citizens of the State of Arizona are going to be sued for vast sums of money, BY THEIR OWN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, for enforcing a law that The Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY upheld as constitutional..." --  PIG


Guillermo de Escriba said...

cuarenta y tres

GdE said...

y cómeme

Schteveo said...

No link Spider?

I gotta tell ya', this whole Presidential EDICT thing pisses me off and I don't care whether the POTUS in question is a (D) or and (R). I've never been able to find the legality of them doing that!

And here's hoping he's gone soon. Or the 2nd Revolution starts soon. Or IO decide to move to Texas soon. Finally.

Spider said...

There was no link bud. That is the full text of their article.

Schteveo said...


Dyke Cracker said...

Yea and our dykes are getting all bunched up as well.

Whatever is going to become of us now. We be in lezbo shit hell.