Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finally, The Truth?

Like the rest of you, i've been hearing stories of flying saucers ever since i was a kid. Personally, i did, and still do, believe those stories. Besides, Capt. James T. Kirk wouldn't lie. As i got older, i refused to accept the possibility that God had such a cruel sense of humor as to make we humans the only "intelligent" life forms, and we being so arrogant that we believed it. Now perhaps, the truth.

It seems the FBI, with a legal shove from the Freedom of Information Act, has finally decided to open some of it's most secret files from the past. Among other things, there are memos about UFO's, with many reports coming from people who weren't known for wearing tin-foil hats. I haven't visited this new FBI web site yet, so i don't know exactly what's there, but i plan to find out. For example, do they finally reveal what J. Edgar Hoover's favorite color lipstick was, or if he preferred high-heels to flats? And of course, there are still millions of people who would love to know who actually killed JFK, although i seriously doubt they'll find anything different there other than the official bullshit story spewed by the infamous Warren Commission. I don't need to check that, since i've always known it wasn't Oswald.

So, if you've got a bit of bloodhound in you, check out this new FBI site and see what you can learn, if anything. Hey, maybe we'll finally find out what happened to Annie/Kim, our MIA-Mommy, and all the other ladies who used to come here...


Chronos the Wonder Pig said...

da secret FBI files say that Poots is a figment of our imaginations.....

BOW said...


Schteveo said...

the problem is NOT that Poots is a figment of our imagination, but that he is a figment of his OWN imagination!

An oldy but a goody Bill!!
(we never get anything about Lumberjacks though! Or Spam!?)

Personally, I side with the poster on this, the universe is too big for us to be THE only thing here. That's the same kind of arrogance that put Galileo in court with the Pope DEMANDING that Galileo say the Earth was the center of the universe.

In a few hundred years we'll look as stupid and backward to THEM as that Pope's thinking looks to US now.

I believe we are not alone, I believe our idiot leaders KNOW we are not alone. I don't think people in 2011 would be going crazy like they did on Halloween 1939 over Orson Welles' 'War of the Worlds', if they announced that Martians, Venusians or Trangender-Uranians were selling hot dogs at Yankee Stadium.

Two simple reasons.

First off, we've all grown up with these ideas and scifi movies and TV shows, filled with aliens. Live long and prosper...and Gredo, you tell Jabba for me...Nanoo Nanoo!!

21st Century people can't be afraid of aliens. They love Paris Hilton! How much freakier can aliens be?

Second, and much more important, most people are too f*#@*ng self-absorbed to be worried about Trangender-Uranians.

Hell, we can't get people to stop being about ME,ME,ME, long enough to keep riff-raff like Obama out of the WH with the simple act of getting off their ass,ass,ass to go vote, vote, vote! Why should I think they'd be worried about Trangender-Uranians? Unless everyone suddenly gets a micro sized Trangender-Uranians up their ASS, most people wouldn't notice that the aliens had landed.

There is a third possibility.

Obama IS an alien and the aliens are avowed commie-Muslims!!

We'd definitely be screwed then.

Spider said...

I've always thought that perhaps, many of the 20th century's greatest inventions/discoveries actually came from whatever it is they've been hiding out there in Area-51.

But Steve has a good point. I also believe the people are ready to handle the knowledge that we've been getting visits for years, centuries, or even longer. Besides, Americans are used to having aliens all over the place. I just hope the ones from outer space, unlike the ones we already have, aren't looking for welfare, Medicaid, and food stamps.

Anonymous said...

The brits know about it too.

Schteveo said...

What amazes me is the U.S. gub'ment is about the ONLY one still denying these things!!


If 70% of the people believe in "X" as an idea, the government CONFIRMING "X" will NOT make them riot!