Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grace Slick is going to hell

Golden velvet robes on Pope Paul, he's
talking--he's stalking devils of flesh. Rides
through the streets instead of walking. I think
his holy story is a mess. All I did last Easter
all I did was paint some eggs. It was a
resurrection holy day-- no more nails in the holy
legs. Only one true holy book in your hand.
Singing in latin nobody understands. Licking
wafers paper thin.

Ah, stupid christian isn't it grand? Is that your
reason for this day? Do you have a little
something holy you'd like to say? Something about
a magic, sacred, holy day. You look holy and
humble on your knees, but it looks funny when you
run that way. Pope Paul taking all your money for
turning your feet into clay (pigeon).

One man of peace dies, and a hundred wars begin.
You keep murdering people in his christian name--I
thought he said--I thought he said that was a sin.
Soldier where have you been? What is your reason
for this day? Do you have a little something holy
you'd like to say to me? Something about a magic,
sacred, holiday. All I'm going to do this
easter--I'm just going to look for eggs. It's a
resurrection holy day--no more nails in the holy
legs. No more brains in the christian.


Anonymous said...

Eh, what?

Anonymous said...

duh, lyrics from the song "Easter" by Jefferson Airplane

Schteveo said...

That's NOT one of their better songs.

Personally I'm a big fan of 'Wooden Ships', 'White Rabbit', 'Volunteers', I guess I like the old stuff that was more drug addled than idiot political stuff.

If you look hard enough, you can always find something to create outrage. I'm through being the outragee, I'd like to be the OUTRAGER for a while.

A LONG, hard while.

Cowpill said...

I met Grace some 30 years ago at my neighbors house, he was the trust fund kid of the CEO of atlantic records and had a recording studio in the basement of the house. I was like 16 or 17 at the time. She was very personable and believe alot of those Airplane songs were written with the help of "mind altering" substances.............. IMO is that is when they wrote their best stuff

blue said...

Actually I prefer this one over "Easter" but yesterday was Easter.
Can you name this one without looking it up?
Be honest.

Name this tune !

He's just an american boy & he loves his machine. No back-talk from a
machine. When was the last time a television set--gave you shit about who
you met last night? No back-talk machine. If your motor doesn't turn over
smooth for you, you don't feed it right.
Give it a little grease--give it a little gas, drive
straight on through the night. Man-made
mechanical mover--love your machine. You say
nothing's right but natural things--
you fool.
Poison oak is a natural plant why don't you
put some in your food.
I don't care if there's chemicals in it
s long as my lettuce is crisp!
Preservatives might just be preserving you,
I think that's something you missed!
Ya you missed it.
Man-made mechanical mover, I love his machine.
He's just an american boy & I love his machine.
Smooth moving steel.
Keep your engine warm & wet
be friendly to your steel.
Feed it right, your mechanical pet
then get behind the wheel.
Put a little statch in the old corvette
then give it a feel.
Smooth moving steel--give it a feel
man-made mechanical mover--it'll move faster than
you can--vegetable lover.

blue said...

and please note that the above song contains the famous Jorma Kaukonen line
"I don't care if there's chemicals in it
s long as my lettuce is crisp!"

Anonymous said...

It's clearly time to reconstitute the Knights Templar.

Schteveo said...

ya gotta be Catholic to be a Templar. Is ya?

BOW said...

I liked Signey Anderson better. First Airplane album- "The Jefferson Airplane Takes Off"

Jorma and Jack left to form Hot Tuna and still play. For a while Jack had a band called SVT, in the late 70's which basically sucked, IMHO, and Jorma put out some solo albums which were panned by the critics, but I liked, eg: "Qua".

I met both Jorma, Jorma's wife and Jack, as well as the rest of the current Hot Tuna line-up on several occassions. Jorma and his wife are Jewish, as his maternal grandmother was. And both he and his wife embrace it not as Madonna and Bratney Spears did as mystical and trying to be "hip", but in the traditional conservative / reform ideas.

Back on topic, they have been drug and alcohol free since the early 90's. Can't say the same for the audience.

Jorma and Jack, along with Barry and others who play with then are musicians in the strictest sense. They love music. Whereas Starship was more into the commercial aspect of entertainment.

I've recently seen and been backstage at a couple of Hot Tuna shows; anyone can go to Ohio in the summers and go to the "Fur Peace" Ranch and take lessons with the band members, and other great musicians.

This is one of the few bands I still love to see perform, preferably in small venues, such as the Kaufman Auditorium at Lincoln Center.

blue said...

original name of Hot Tuna was Hot Shit, the record company made them change it

blue said...

no one wins - the name of the above song is Eat Starch, Mom