Friday, April 15, 2011

The Plan To Destroy America

I have always been of the opinion that the destruction of my country and my way of life by the Left is not some coincidence or unrelated group of events. Rather, it's been a well-conceived, highly-orchestrated, deliberate, plan that has been in effect for many, many years, and IMO, has done, and continues to do, a "great" deal of damage. Of course, if you're part of the Left, then you believe everythings going according to plan. A bit too slow perhaps, but other wise just fine since you know the Left controls most of the government, the media, the entertainment industry, (combined they control most of what we see, read, and hear) academia on all levels, and the Communist-inspired labor movement, all of which give the Left the ability to manipulate public opinion almost at will.

The link below is a speech given in 2004 by Richard Lamm, hard-core Leftist Demoncrat and former governor of Colorado. When you read this six year old speech, you realize it could be today's paper that you're reading. It's that accurate. It was, IMO, yet another warning the people (and the Right) ignored. I must admit that i hadn't seen this before, or perhaps, i don't remember reading it. (that kinda stuff happens when you start gettin old) Of course, in any other country, Gov. Lamm would have been put against a wall, blindfolded, and given a cigarette, after making such a public speech. But this is America where we love, support, and protect our enemies and more often than not, invite our own destruction...


Bill O'Writes said...

Yep. That should do doing it.

Schteveo said...

It can ONLY work if the Tea Party stops.

Right now, the new young TP backed Congressmen are ripping the 'old guard' a new @$$hole. And no matter how much the left and mid-left hate them (us), they ARE the power in Congress. Next election, they (we) will be the power in Congress. I think there's a good chance a Tea Party candidate will win the WH.

That definitely cuts out Romney, and maybe even Mike Huckabee. Trump is just looking for TV ratings, IMO.

Regardless of the aims of the Progs / Libs, without funding, NONE of their plans come to fruition. And the Tea Party, working, business oriented Republicans hold the purse strings. I think that will continue for at least 2 Presidential election cycles.

However, I have not quit buying bullets and beans!

(btw, anyone see the silver market this week? YeeHaaaa, I wish I'd bought more last week. Actually, I wish I'd bought a LOT more 6 months ago)

Spider said...

I would agree with you Steve, except i'm not seeing any activity from the Tea Party. If they were a one-shot deal, we're finished!

My ideal ticket? Paul Ryan for president with Rand Paul as his VP. In fact, it would work just as well for me the other way around.

BOW said...

Gets my vote