Thursday, April 7, 2011

So That's Why ?

Have you ever wondered why most of the country's Leftist loons come from Mexifornia? Well, now you know why. Scientists have now found that it's not only liberalism that causes brain damage, but their traffic mess as well.

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — New research suggests that pollution in Southern California may be harming our brains. We already know that pollution can do harm to our lungs, but research from the University of Southern California suggests that residents here are even worse off thanks to our traffic-polluted freeways. “It’s not like what you see in smog and the days when you don’t get to see the mountains,” says Todd Morgan a researcher with USC referring to the type of pollution investigated in the study. Researchers looked at the smallest of particles that are not visible to the naked eye.

Air samples were taken from the 110 Freeway near USC and exposed to mice over a 10 week exposure period, over about 150 hours. The results showed brain damage — keeping neurons from developing — which could eventually lead to memory loss, even developmental disorders in children. According to researchers there is suggestive evidence, it could happen to us too. “I’m hoping that with further research, we can perhaps be able to figure out additional ways of lowering the effect of these particulates, other than just staying away from traffic because that’s really not doable,” says Morgan.


BOW said...

Nevermind that. I see an economic pattern similar to the late 70's/early 80's when it comes to gold and silver. The pattern is based onthe political / economic climate as well as who is investing. Although no one individual seems to be trying to corner either of these markets, the pattern reamins. IMHO I think increasing silver holdings for the next 24 months is wise. If O is a 1-term prez, start selling mid 2013! If he remains Prez, I suggest swapping gold and silver for lead.

Schteveo said...

This is bullshit. We JUST had a conversation lat week about air pollution. I can tell you that the air is cleaner out there than it has been in almost 100 years. The next move will be to start screaming for TIGHTER emission standards for ALL the cars, regardless of where they'll get driven.

Control of your movement is their aim, not clean air!!

I bought some silver yesterday. I will probably buy more, I just need to find another dealer. I don't trust the dealers enough to just dump thousands of bucks in one place. I don't want any single group to know just how much I've bought. I don't trust people in this economy.

And I bought because I don't trust the economy right now. I don't trust the Fed or the IMF or the Chinese. I don't trust Obama and his idiots as far as I can throw them. They could just as easily wake up tomorrow, and 'create' a Trillion new paper dollars. What will our savings accounts be worth then?!

I'm just sorry that I've been under the weather and it cost me $200 more yesterday, for my silver purchase, than it would have last week. Like you Bill, I'm pretty sure it's going to appreciate over the next 18 months. That is, unless we wind up using silver and gold as a medium of exchange, because the dollar becomes worthless.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. The IRS thanks you both.