Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ideology? Really?

I've often wondered if all these Leftist nitwits really believe the political crap they spew. I know many do it simply for the attention, but there are also those who are true believers, especially out there in Commiewood. Here in Brooklyn, NY, we have the largest community of Russian immigrants in the country. Many of them will tell you that today, if you want to find true Communists, don't look to Russia, look to Hollywood.

Now we see Oprah Winfrey, the billionaire goddess of Affirmative Action, who has gained fame and mega-wealth for doing, well, i'm not really sure what she actually does. She was the closest, strongest, supporter both Mr. and Mrs. Obummer had in the last election. And now? Well, it seems the "Big-O" has given up her loving support for, you guessed it, TV ratings. You see, The Big-O recently started her own cable network in the hopes of picking-up another Billion. But alas, it seems her ties to the Marxist-in-Chief may be costing her viewers, which, in TV land = $$$. And Oprah ain't havin none of that, not when she has plans of being Queen of The World. (will she share the throne with the true anti-Christ, George Soros?)

But, not to worry. I'm sure the Big-O will still do everything she can to make sure the Obummer's are inflicted on this nation once again. But this time, unlike the last campaign, she'll have to stay out of the spotlight, something Mrs. Obummer is probably happy about. Profits or ideology. Profits or ideology. Hmmm... Decisions, decisions...


Schteveo said...

I heard this too. But the truth is, her network sucks!! It's all left-wing, single-mom, dad beat us, then ran off with the money, the car and his secretary, shows, movies and Dr Phil crap!! Just look at the commercials. The leftys are all to busy taking down America to sit home, watch Oprah and get Neilsen'd!! Subversion is hard work.

I ain't a big fan of Oprah, I used to watch way back, when she was the black-female Jerry Springer, but she lost me long ago. And I did watch one episode of her 'Behind the Scenes' thing, at someones suggestion.

WOW...who knew Oprah was a whiny,controlling, diva BITCH?

I was shocked, shocked I tell you. To find out that she thinks she's all that and a bag o'chips, OMG, how could it BE!

And I thought RuPaul was a diva!

BOW said...

Most of the arm chair commies are not only "do as I say, not as I do", and "what's yours is mine, but mine is mine", but actually believe that crap. Some don't really believe it, but pretend to.

Cowpill said...

Rats are jumping ship.

Schteveo said...

I vote we make Obama Emperor of the MOON, Hail Obama, Selenite Imperium Regis!!!

Now, put his ass on a rocket and fire it!

Anonymous said...

A womans right to choose? What about the rest of us?

"[The Department of Energy] interferes with and takes away our choices on what kind of showers we want, what kind of toilets we want. What kind of light bulbs we want. But most of the Department of Energy is an impediment to producing energy. Not one barrel of oil is produced by the Department of Energy. But the Department of Energy stops a lot of oil from being produced."
-- Senator Rand Paul