Sunday, April 17, 2011

More on Bill's Posting About 'Atlas Shrugged'.

I'm shocked, SHOCKED to find out that the (typically leftist, Obama loving, America hating Michael Moore / Sean Penn praising) movie reviewers are panning the new movie, "Atlas Shrugged"!!
But I thought Hollywood LOVED a new story, something classic, the 'man against the world', 'winner take all', 'under dog makes good', stories!(?)
You are wrong, Grasshopper!!!
Few authors have as many fans (and detractors) as the late Ayn Rand. The author of "The Fountainhead," "Anthem," and "Atlas Shrugged" was also the founder of a philosophical movement known as Objectivism.

Some argue the philosophy is simply an excuse to be selfish, but defenders of Rand say that's what leads to the greatest productivity. Rand's landmark novel, "Atlas Shrugged" focuses on that belief and it is still among the best-selling and most influential books in history. Many, including Rand Paul, call it an inspiration. The tea party politico from Kentucky recently brought up the writer in Congress. Now the controversial novel is coming to the big screen -- at least, part of it is.

Now, about those reviews. So far they aren't too good. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gives the movie one star out of four, writing, "I suspect only someone very familiar with Rand’s 1957 novel could understand the film at all, and I doubt they will be happy with it." Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gives the flick zero stars, and says the film "sits there flapping on screen like a bludgeoned seal." Kyle Smith of the New York Post is a bit more kind, saying the film "contains a fire and a fury that makes it more compelling than the average mass-produced studio item."

Some might say it's the movie President Obama doesn't want you to see. Others, namely critics who have already seen it, just say it's a movie you're better off skipping.

Mr. Obama, a guy who is the SECOND black President, doesn't want us to see this movie? Why not? This should be his story, right? A guy with no father, few chances in life, making it on his own grit, determination, and had work!(?)
(Grasshopper, is your BS alarm going off yet?)
OF COURSE the left HATES this movie!! It's about INDIVIDUALS working for their own best interest. It's about government getting it's foot OFF the neck of the producers. It's about letting the best and brightest, USE their abilities to improve the world, instead of relying on the 'group dynamic' that is dragging us ALL into the idiotarian thinking that their IS group salvation that we have to work toward!!
There's a very simple concept at work in this story. And I do get that Ayn Rand was looking at the individual, working for their OWN best interest. But, there is a simpler concept than that to be gleaned, IMHO.
How many people EVER got a job working FOR a poor person, who is drawing AFDC, WIK, welfare checks, who is living in Section 8 Housing, who didn't finish high school, who more than likely has a felony conviction, or two...just HOW many people will THIS person hire next year?
And the gub'ment employees that throw money to that 'entitled' person do NOT count as employees. So how many people will that person hire?
The left always talks about BIG Business, but truth is, every business out there started out as a 'Mom & Pop'. Even Henry Ford started out working for himself P/T, in his garage, one 'quadracycle' at a time. Before he ever hired his first employee.
(Ford BTW, was the only car manufacturer to NOT take a bailout last year)
The point is that NO business ever became a big business without CREATING new and more jobs. The Ford Family still runs FoMoCo. They do NOT build all the cars themselves. Personally, I'm rooting for the underdog, even if Roger Ebert and Rolling Stone(d) doesn't.
Wait, wasn't Rolling Stone(d) started by JUST two guys, with borrowed money, who employ thousands of people NOW? No government grants? No subsidies? No price supports? No government insurance?
Huh? but, didn't they, these are rich guys, who...huh? Wait...I guess...I'm shocked, SHOCKED to find out that the (typically leftist, Obama loving, America hating Michael Moore / Sean Penn praising) movie reviewers are trying to keep ME from achieving precisely what THEY DID!!


Spider said...

Did you expect anyone on the Left to have anything good to say about Rand who believed in everything they hate? If she were alive today, they'd be demonizing her, ala Sarah Palin.

Schteveo said...

No, but I think it's funny that THEY think the WE are so stupid that WE can't see THEIR reviews for what they are.

An attack on OUR ideals.


we had BIG fun here Saturday. Had the whole fam damily out here in the boonies for a day of yard work. THEN my son and I were going to watch Glenn Beck's show from Albany on 'Insider Extreme'.

We got some plants and shrubs in the ground, laid some landscaping cloth and spread 2 cu. yds. of mulch BEFORE the weather tried to KILL US!!!

The tornado that hit in downtown Raleigh, went right over the apt complex where I used to live. (my son and his crowd STILL live there, but they were here. No damage to his apt or bldg) That storm was 7 or 8 miles, as the crow flies, west of us.

The tornado that went through Smithfield, Four Oaks NC, tore up a number of farms, homes, businesses etc, was 7 or 8 miles, as the crow flies, east of us.

It did rain here, and the wind blew, but we've had stronger thunder storms here than what WE saw here on Saturday. WHEW!!!

IF you've got $5 extra this morning, please donate to the Red Cross. And if you are so inclined, say a prayer of thanks for those of us who are safe and ask God to help them that ain't.

Anonymous said...

As a conservative Christian, I find Rand's work antithetical to the teachings and life work of Jesus. Jesus Christ lived a life of charity and compassion. He was selfless in His love for every one to the point of giving His life so that we might have life everlasting.

While I may disagree with many film critics, I do value the American tradition of free speech. If some critic has an opinion different than mine, it is their right as an American to express it!

I have the right to express my opinion, I just don't see why others should not have the same right.

Really, what would Rand say of Jesus who worked with the poor, who shared a meal of bread and fish with hundreds?

My Christian faith guides and instructs me to believe in a world view very different from Rand's. While the individual is important, so is the community.

As I look through my King James Bible, I do not see any part of the New Testament that reflects Rand's view.