Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's 13:48, and Obama is speaking...

It took 23 minutes to get TOO the tax cuts, needs, rich need to pay more, ss/dd part of the speech

here are my running thoughts

commitments, commitments, commitments, we can't cover because the rich don't pay enough won't happen while he's in WH

(I feel SOO safe among the commie elite, says BHO)

change, change, change... (yeah, more of those huh?)

$4 trillion reduction over 12 years, cuts spending across board

(but if we're spending trillions yearly, it's still more debt)

core investments same old same the future

find savings in defense budget!!??

(oh yeah, let's cut that, not able bodied people who have NEVER worked)

military revue vs missions and capabilities (OK) (but how)

he's gonna reduce medical costs, with commissions, task forces, keep us healthy, keep us from getting hurt (nanny state)

the Independent Commission will have power to do change the budget???

(and how do they get said power? THAT's not in MY Constitution))

strengthen SS, don't slash benefits (how)

UH OH Itemized Deductions!!! He's going after them!!!

(but just for the 'rich') (hey, isn't that how income tax started too?)

wants to redo the tax code, make the rich pay

(the fair tax would be good, but I ain't holding my breath)

but reduce taxes for corporations

(but aren't they 'the rich'?)

Debt Failsafe

his plan will require further cuts if deficit isn't reduced by 2014

(yeah, after you're gone we can fix all this)

finally, I want to soak the rich!! (back to that huh?)

Holy Jesus, I just realized, he's just running for 2012!! That's all this was


hell I give up on the running thing...nothing new here, move along...these are not the droids you're looking for...

I chopped the majority of this off above. It's just the same shit from him, on a different day. I've heard it before and I'm headed out to buy a shotgun. I was going to wait, but screw it, I'm going now.


Cowpill said...

Mr holier than thou can kiss it, he blamed bush and re-read the Pelosi and Reid taking points. This dude isn't a leader, he is a world class buffoon. SHUT IT DOWN!!!!

Spider said...

The only thing watching the speech did for me was to confirm something i already knew, that the Marxist-in-Chief is a liar of the first order and a phony. Also, that he's in so far over his head that it's now getting very scary, a direct result of a large number of brain-dead Americans voting for a guy with zero experience. I wonder how many of those fools would put their lives in the hands of a doctor with zero experience.

It's becoming quite clear to me that i need to fear the voters of America far more than i fear the govt.

Anonymous said...


A euphemism for: "do what you're told, or we'll send men with guns to make you 'volunteer' to 'cooperate'..."

Schteveo said...

The guy is a Class "A" unknowing, worthless hump. They wind him up, and he 'runs'. Anyone who voted for him should seriously think about the gravity of having done so.

I'm thinking of selling Bumper Sticker:

Obama Voters,
next time THINK!!


Obama Voters,
Happy Yet?


Obama Voters,
through changing?

I'm just sick of the whole thing. Nobody calls this guy to account.

And I don't get the MSM. Do these people honestly think they'll still BE the MSM if Cass Sunstein and his ilk take over? For that matter, why does Obama think HE'LL be left standing.

Guys like Sunstein, and Bill Ayers, have repeatedly said, and shown that they are willing to kill to get their way. And if they get control, they'll make Pol Pot look like Kaptain Kangaroo.

Spider said...

Won't they be surprised when they run into all us gun owners. Then they'll see what real radicals are all about.

As for the MSM, the only time you'll see them change from the full-blown Leftists that they are is when (if) Obummer gets beat in '12. They will then do what they always do, create the illusion they were on the side of the people all along.