Friday, April 27, 2012

Did your Father tell YOU this too?

When I got to be a mouthy, teenaged 'manboy', with severe testosterone poisoning, my father used to tell me that if I didn't like things in HIS house,
"...don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out...".
Sound familiar, or similar?  Well., now that I'm an even older fart than Dad was then, I'm passing the same advice on to Michelle Obama!  But, on the other hand, I can see why she's a little 'put out' as we say here in 'da souf'.

In 2008, they had an income of $2.4 M, most of it from his book, "Dreams of screwing you, gotten from my Father the Commie".  Last year they had income of just $800K.  That's a 200% reduction in income, hey, I'd be bummed out too.

With the possible exception that just ONE of her trips, to Spain, cost you and I almost a HALF a Million dollars.  The Spain jaunt, with daughter in tow as well as two of her friends from ChiTown cost you and I $46700.00 .

Not bad, that's over HALF their income for 2011, BEFORE taxes.  And if memory serves, I can't find out just how many actual 'vacations' she's taken, but this was trip 10 or 12 since January 2009.  Did you send half your income on vacations last year?  Well, neither would SHE, if it was HER dime!

If you were going to spend $6K for me to go on a vacations (that's half my yearly SSD) hell, I'd go!

But I digress.  I just wanted to make the point about just how much her life in the WH sucks before going on..  And it must be pretty crappy, right?  She takes every opportunity to get the hell outta Dodge.
Michelle wants to walk out and just keep going.  

Hey, I'll help her pack, IF she'll take her husband with her when she goes!

I'll drive!  Just puh-LEASE go away and leave us alone, will you both!!!!

You wanna walk out?  GOOOOD!!!!!!

I'll pay for the plane fare!!!  Just GET...OUUUUTTTTT!!!!


Goober said...

She is such an angry, ungrateful, sour-puss of a person, I truly don't know how Barack can be around her. That woman is constantly scowling. She is constantly angry at something. She is constantly whining about how bad things are and how she wishes they were better. If she left tomorrow, she'd be bitching about all the things she missed about being first lady, only a day after she was bitching about how much it sucked to be first lady.

Jeez, what a miserable life she must have.

Schteveo said...

I FULLY expect her and Obumble to do a "Clinton" as they leave the WH. (read that as IF, they leave) He'll go his way, she'll go hers...and all on HALF his money.

But you're right.

She's generally a grouch. Get the bitch a trash can and a green, fur, coat! Remember one of her first quotes was, "...I'm FINALLY proud of my country...".

That means for 40 odd years, she was NOT proud, happy or satisfied, with "her country". She grew up in a family home, WITh a mother and father at a time when AA families were going by the wayside.

Her father was a Precinct Captain in Chicago, i.e., he was doing WELL. She went to the best schools in Chicago. (her bio says it was 3 hrs from home to school daily...I checked, it's 13 miles, she could WALK it in 4, so why 3 hrs with Mass Transit?...more BS about her tough life IMHO)

She went to Princeton for God sake, how 'tough' was that?! Princeton, BTW, where she, "...challenged the teaching methodology for French because she felt that it should be more conversational." So, SHE went to friggin' Princeton, one of the oldest colleges in our country, only Harvard, Yale and UPenn are older, and SHE wanted them to change for HER.

She schlubbed on over to Harvard for her Law Degree, lucky them, then back to ChiTown, for her first lawyer gig. Where I'm sure she was overworked, underpaid and made to mop floors with her knickers.

So, after a miserable life up until now, she's forced to live in the WH and just shuttle around the world, eating lobster at every stop if reports are true, all on OUR dime...and SHE'S the one who is miserable.

I'm betting her GGrandfather, who was a slave, would like to get his hands on her for just TWWWOOOO minutes!

Schteveo said...

I left something off.

Her GGrandfather would like to do what me black friends in grade school would call their punishment.

A niggah ass beat.

"...yeah I got in trouble too when Sister Mary Micheal called my mom. When dad got home I got that old niggah ass beat!"

rocky said...


I love you man, but you are shite at math. The income reduction was 1.6 million out of 2.4 million, or 66.7%. Of course the $800K is still big money for someone with no marketable skills. Evidently agitatin' the homies can be quite profitable.