Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When Democrats Rule

So, when was the last time you received a 62% pay increase? Perhaps you don't have low friends in high places. Maybe you should become a leftist Demoncrat and move to NY.

Here in NY, both NYC and NYS, politics are run and controlled by leftist Demoncrats. And, while it's true that Republicans now have a small majority in the Albany Senate, it's still the leftist Demoncrats who run the show. Why is that? Because, the few Republicans we have here are as weak and gutless as the Republicans in congress.

The result of this situation is the same wherever we see leftist Demoncrats controlling the political environment. Insatiable greed, blatant and unlimited corruption, and the usual, ( to hell with the tax-paying fools ) attitude.

Yes, this is just NY, but is this kind of outrageous abuse exclusive to NY? We all know it's not. The question coming in Nov. is, do we have the will and the strength to do something about it?


CenTexTim said...

The other thing that struck me in that story is that the staffers - both dem AND repub - have a 35 hour work week.

Shades of Europe...

Anonymous said...

And that's on a very busy week!

Schteveo said...

Honestly, I don't feel sorry for but about 18% of NYers. Those being, the ones who traditionally vote conservative / libertarian.

The typical idiot, NYer, lib, Dem, yellow dog voter, well, screw them . It's THEIR fault NY is in this shape. I don't feel sorry for their 'cousins' in MI, IL, MN, CA, MA, RI, or any OTHER state where they've voted themselves into this kinda crap.
I used to work for a company that had a standard 35 work week for all employees.

Except for Installer / Trainers.








I was one of the guys, and one gal, that did installations and trained new customers. I once worked 37 hours in a week where I had 4 (FOUR) days of vacation!

I lost that job when my original boss got sick and had to leave, and my new tormentor thought my hair and beard were not the right image for the company.

I understand how those things happen. But NOT after you've been working there three years.

Oh well. Much like the rest of us, someday he'll have to explain his life and actions too.

Spider said...

You're right bud. NY is what it is because of the people here, not just the elected lying crooks. And the story i posted, as outrageous as it is, is very common here.

Most of NY's politics, both city and state, are based in, and controlled by, the people in Manhattan who are overwhelmingly Leftist Demoncrats. So everyone else pretty much gets the govt. "those people" want. What Republicans and Conservatives there are here have no political voice or power. Maybe after the next revolution things will change? Na, i don't believe it either.

Anonymous said...

Here's another perfect example of NYC politics.

Goober said...

Spider - I can't figure out why you haven't left there by now. How do you put up with that crap? I lived in Seattle for ten years and I wouldn't go back even if you DID give me a 62% raise.

Schteveo said...

you seem way to smart to live in Seattle. OH you did say you'd moved on.

I like Portland and Seattle, Bellingham but I like Abbotsford BC best up there.

BC has the same weather, but fewer dumb asses.