Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why is this a News Story?

No one can accuse The Heart Attack Grill of false advertising.

A woman collapsed into unconsciousness at the Las Vegas restaurant while eating a "double bypass burger," drinking a margarita and smoking a cigarette.

The unnamed customer was the second in just over two months to collapse at the restaurant while eating one of the famed burgers named after various forms of cardiac arrest. Back in February, another customer was caught on video being carted out by paramedics after suffering a heart attack while eating a "quadruple bypass" burger.

The Heart Attack Grill's owner Jon Basso tells ABC News that the woman is currently recovering in the hospital. Basso told ABC that he himself has eaten at least one single bypass burger each day since his restaurant first opened seven years ago.

"It's a lifestyle issue," Basso said. "We attract the avant-garde of lifestyle seekers."

The Heart Attack Grill offers free meals to any customer who weighs over 350 pounds...
First let me say that I need to get to Las Vegas SOON, before I drop below the free food level, I'm still loosing, down about 115 since I got serious 3 years ago.  No brag, just fact.  On to the news!

Why did this hit the air waves?  I don't remember reading any stories about anybody who got so DRUNK they passed out, while DRINKING in a BAR in Las Vegas.
I don't remember reading any stories about anybody SPENDING all their money, until they were BROKE, while GAMBLING in Las Vegas.

What next?  A story about a guy who paid a HOOKER for some fun, and he caught CRABS or the CLAP?  I've even read that many couples go to Vegas to cross lines they wouldn't at home for fear of being caught.  OH NO!

It's a city built on being a legal access to LEGAL EXCESS.  We all know it.  I thought we were adults, who could make their own decisions?   Why don't we see any articles about how many people go to Vegas to gamble a little, see Cirque du Soleil and Carrot Top, who then go home with their health, money and genital area(s) in tact?

We don't see that, because it doesn't fit the narrative of liberal media telling us how we should live. 


Stank Skank said...

And if you do some hooker named Skank Ho, and her pussy stank, what you going to do, sue?

Spider said...

First and foremost bud, congrats on your weight loss. That's a mega accomplishment worthy of praise.

Looking at the story, i'll bet it was the Margarita that dropped her, since we all know that burgers and smokes can't harm you. (;)

Hey, we live in the worlds ultimate Nanny State, where the govt. has eliminated any sense of responsibility for your own actions. Hell, they don't even have to prove their wild claims about food, tobacco, cars, guns, lightbulbs, etc. All they need do is to use their MSM and demonize that which they dislike. Done!

The sheep have been trained to obey the shepard, and i see no protest coming from the sheep, save for a few of us militant sheep. And, with four more years of Obamunism, it's gonna get a whole lot worse!

Schteveo said...

But why is a fat lady, smoking a cigarette, drinking alcohol and passing out NEWS? Because there was a big ass burger involved.

It's not ALREADY being fat, that's bad for you.

Or drinking, that's bad for you.

Or smoking that's bad for you.

It's the burger, that's bad for you.

That would be news to both the alcohol and tobacco industries I'm betting you.

Schteveo said...

I forgot to say, I'm sick of it!!!

Cowpill said...

I think the burger was the least of her problems.