Sunday, April 22, 2012

We need a Possee! We need Posters and Protestors and White Supremicist Leaders on TV!!!

Alton L. Hayes III, a west suburban man charged with a hate crime, told police he was so upset about the Trayvon Martin case in Florida that he beat up a white man early Tuesday.

Hayes and a 15-year-old Chicago boy walked up behind the 19-year-old man victim and pinned his arms to his side, police said. Hayes, 18, then picked up a large tree branch, pointed it at the man and said, “Empty your pockets, white boy.”

The two allegedly rifled through the victim’s pockets, then threw him to the ground and punched him “numerous times” in the head and back before running away, police said. Hayes and the boy are black; the victim is white.

After being arrested, Hayes told police he was upset by the Trayvon Martin case and beat the man up because he was white, Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said, citing court records.
Seen anyone talking about how OUTRAGEOUS it is when a "Hate Crime" is committed?  Heard anyone yelling about how horrible this guy is or how his family should disown him?  Seen any posters from the Klan or Aryan Brotherhood formed like a Bounty Sheet, with a dollar amount on them?

Seen anyone talking about the lack of inter-racial understanding at times like these?  Seen anyone say that this was purely and simply racially motivated and how the perps should be under the jail, with no bail or possibility of oxygen?

F*^k no you haven't seen that!

Because not ONE single person with the juice TO get a Press Conference has the NUTS, testes, intestinal fortitude or spinal column strength to say this is JUST as much racism as a white guy beating a black guy, or a yellow guy, or a red guy, or a two-headed purple with green spots and feathers growing in his ears guy!

Everyone is always talking about dialogue and 'truth' in race relations since Zimmerman shot Martin.

Well there is NO truth, and there never will be the possibility of truthful dialogue until everybody, regardless of THEIR own skin color, can admit that people OF their color or ethnicity, can be and sometimes ARE just as racist as George Wallace, Lestor Maddox and David Duke combined!

Here's my final question.  Did you even see or hear about this story any other place?  Huh.

Other than my mentioning it, did you see the story about the three AA, 20 somethings who shot and killed the white guy at Mississippi State?  Huh? Or how they've caught two of them and the third is still loose, and the two they've got won't roll over on the third?  Huh.

 Personally, I think it's a bunch of crap the way things are now, and I wish I had the ability to call a press conference and point out this incidence of racism and hate.  But more so, I'd decry our current Dual Standard System, and I'd point out the people who think we should have a dual standard, so long as THEY can be on top.


Cowpill said...

Amen brother! Amen!

Anonymous said...

well well . boys will be niggers

Spider said...

To many blacks and their liberal enablers, having this double standard is like having affirmative action. Meaning, it's due them for things that happened 450 years ago.

I've said this before and i'll say it again. After spending 34 years working in every one of NYC's black neighborhoods, and generally speaking, THE most racist people i've ever encountered were/are blacks.

Goober said...

Doesn't fit the narrative, so down the memory hole it goes.

Just like Christian/Newsome.

It is actually very pathetic how the media has used the Trayvon Martin thing to inflame racial tensions in the US public, and the fact that it just happened to be right before a presidential election where racial tension would very much help to support their guy.

Just pointing that out in case you'd missed it.

Oh, and Spider, it is frustrating to me how so many people either can't or refuse to see what you just said.

In my opinion, a true racist is about the worst waste of human flesh that there is, and that means racists of all types and backgrounds. The fact that certain segments of our society put racism out there like it is still a virtue, and do so unabashedly in this, the year of our lord 2012, is just unacceptable to me.