Sunday, April 29, 2012

Secret? LOL!!!

It's said to be the most secret room in the U.S., even more secret than Fort Knox. It's known as the Situation Room, and it's in the basement of the WH. It's so secret, that there's a standing rule that no cameras are allowed, a rule even the POTUS can't over-ride. Of course, one might then ask the question; "well, if no cameras are allowed, how did Obummer's black hip-hop friends get that picture taken, and released "? 

Generally, and if he's in the WH, this is the place the POTUS goes in times of great national urgency, such as war. It's where the Marxist-in-Chief and his top aids were when our Navy SEALS put the whack on Bin Laden. Thanks to the mini-cams carried by the SEALS, they were able to watch the entire raid, in real time.

As a tax paying, hard working, law-abiding, patriotic, American citizen, have you ever been invited to the Situation Room, even though it's your money that paid for it? No? If you haven't been invited, it's most likely because you don't fit into any of the following categories;

1. Black hip-hop "star".
2. Commiewood "star".
3. Leftist MSM "star".
4. Devoted Obamunist bag-man.
5. Kool-Aid gulping Demoncrat.

You don't fit in? Sorry. Perhaps, if you're able to meet one of the above someday, they'll be nice enough to let you know what being in that very special room was really like. Or, they might just look at you, laugh really hard, and say, "SUCKA" !!


Schteveo said...

If there is a SINGLE person on the face of the planet who does not understand the gravity and power and importance of being the President of the United States, it IS the CURRENT President of the United States.

He's like a teenager who's been left at home for the weekend, alone, for the first time. It's all he can DO, to not throw a big ass party and invite all the cool kids into the house so he can look like a big shot. Oh, wait, he IS inviting all the cool kids in to show off, ISN'T he!

He's simply got to go.

Spider said...

Or, he's like a teenager who's already been "assured" that he's gonna be re-elected? Does the Russian president know more than we do, since he's already been told? Hmmm... I'm glad i bought that extra ammo!

BOW said...

There are numerous photos in the Situation Room. They are taaken by a single individual who documents the POTUS each day for historical documentation. There were several photos taken during the Bin Laden raid.

Anonymous said...

Do you see the POTUS in the photo linked with this post?

alan said...

Did David Rice Atchison understand the power & authority of the presidency...he slept through his one day as president in fact, most people don't even consider him to have ever been president (including me)...but he was defacto president after Polk's term expired because Taylor refused to be inaugorated on a Sunday.

just as thought.