Friday, April 13, 2012

Food For Thought

Personally, i don't think most Americans are aware of just how close this country is to coming apart at the seams. Do the people really understand what is being done to our country, our freedoms, and our liberty? Thanks to the anesthetic fed to them on a daily basis by the MSM, i don't think they truly understand what's going on, since it is so far-fetched an idea for them that America could become a Marxist State. The destruction of a nation and of a way-of-life is often hard to see when it's done incrementally.

So who will save America? Will it be the Demoncrats, who are in charge of our destruction, or the Republicans, who can't seem to find the strength or the will to save anything other than themselves? And, is there any real difference between the two? Will America be saved by our Constitution which is the basis for our society? How about the people? Are the American people willing and able to save America?....... We are in BIG trouble!

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