Monday, April 23, 2012

OK, I say we elect Romney, then get him 'whacked'... his VP can move up.  I like Marco Rubio much better than I'm ever gonna like Romney.
Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney was campaigning in Pennsylvania ahead of the state's Tuesday primary with Marco Rubio in tow, the US senator widely discussed as a possible running mate.

Rubio is the latest among potential vice presidential picks to hit the campaign trail with Romney, but the first since the frontrunner's main rival Rick Santorum bowed out of the Republican race two weeks ago.

Romney has already pivoted toward President Barack Obama ahead of the November election, and he told a crowd in Greencastle that Americans needed to help him battle against the cancer that is big government.

"This president has a road that he's traveling down where government gets larger and larger and metastasizes into every aspect of American life," Romney said late Sunday.

Obama, he said, subscribes to "a view that somehow government knows better than free people. I disagree entirely."

Romney became the all-but-certain Republican flagbearer when Santorum, a former senator from Pennsylvania, called it quits earlier this month.

And while the frontrunner was focused on a Romney-Obama showdown, he was making a final sweep through the Keystone State as he seeks to secure the delegates needed to be declared the nominee.

Four other states also vote on Tuesday: Connecticut, Delaware, New York and Rhode Island.


Whacking it off here Boss said...

WHACKED? I thought Biden was the number one Whack Off!

Goober said...

And he'll expand the government and reduce personal freedom just like the next guy will, and the guy after that.

There is no rememdy to the disease that we all have, which is thinking that we are somehow justified in being up in each other's business just as long as we do it through government.

We need to develop a society where we just leave each other alone, and that goes for the president and COngress just as much as it goes for everyone else.

Until we can stop saying that it is unfair that this guy earned more than that guy and punishing the first guy for his success, we are boned.

Until we can stop assuming that everyone is too stupid to do for themselves and need to be done for in every aspect of their lives, we are boned.

Until we can stop being involved in our neighbor's decisions about what to do with his life, we are boned.

And as long as we think that electing "someone else" for president, or into Congress, while we all keep clamoring for the same old result*, we are boned.

*Don't like taxes, but demand your social secuirty? YOu're complicit. Don't like authoritarism in the form of gun control but support it in reference to gay rights? You're complicit. Do't like the welfare queens living off of society, but support government interference in business and picking of winners (ie, corporate welfare state?_) You're complicit.

We all need to make some very big changes in our assumptions about the way things ought to be. Otherwise, Rubio, Palin, Christie - all the best in the world won't make a lick of difference.

Schteveo said...

I gotta tell you, I agree with much of that. But we're stuck between a rock and a hard headed, socialist POTUS.

If we don't vote for something seemingly better than Obumble, we're screwed even faster, IMO.

Like I said the other night, I'm sliding, personally, more toward my old hippie Libertarian thoughts daily.

A.) I'm sick to death of most of the Repugniucans and their limp wristed, linguini spined way of doing things.

B.) I can't tell someone ELSE how to live while telling them my rights here say you can't tell me how to live.

But, and this is the unfortunate part, there just aren't enough of us TO get a Ron Paul elected. It took 70 or 100 years, a Depression, a Cold War and two WW's to screw us up this bad. I think it's going to take either a Civil War and 40 to 50 years, or just 200 to get us back where we were.

I think it's doubtful myself, but I won't quit trying to make a difference. I'm easily frustrated, and I tend to blow up when pissed off, but I rarely just quit on anything.

Last but not least, I took an oath to protect the Constitution and I still take that seriously. But in all honesty, THIS is not the country I took an oath TO protect.

Schteveo said...

BTW, I'd give up my SSD tomorrow if the tax laws were changed so my wife's pay could feed and house us.

I ain't holding my breath.

I sent a letter to my Senators and my Congresswoman, saying I'd gladly take just 2/3 of my check, then 1/2...until things were better IF they'd pass a Fair Tax.

In return, I got a form letter from my Dem Senator, a e-mail from a staffer in my Congresswoman's office and I got a phone call from the Republican Senator.

I'm not sure ANY of them actually addressed MY letter and the Fair Tax.