Thursday, October 25, 2012

Colin Powell, staunch Republican. Yep, it sounds like BS to me too! .

I've never been a Colin Powell fan.  I lost any respect I had gained for him during Desert Storm, when he advised GHWB to NOT follow the Iraqi Republican Guard rightTF back into Saddam's MFing living room.  (...I don't care if you excuse my language, I'll tell you why...)

As we know, Saddam was a thorn in our side for years after that AND he may have even supported some of the 9/11 Hijackers.  But IF Powell hadn't given Bush that advice, maybe 9/11 falls apart?  Or as a minimum Saddam Hussein wouldn't have killed and tortured ALL the people he did between the first Gulf War and the current fracas.  All said and done and history known, Colin Powell just is NOT a Republican in my mind as he opted for the 'feelings' of the UN and the Muslims in the ME, over winning the damned war and stopping Saddam once and for all..

Beyond ALL that, Powell has now endorsed Obama for a second time!

So I ask you, friends and neighbors, just WTF kind of Republican would do THAT, given all we know, or have been unable to know over the last 4 years?

I think the term is RINO.  And if I gots ta tell ya' the daffynition of dat, you an't much of a Republican or Conservative or Libertarian, ya'damn'seff!


alan said...

I have to absolutely agree. As a soldier during Desert Storm, I had a great deal of respect for the man. Learning about his past and progression to eventually be CJCS instilled even greater respect. Even understanding the need to halt our progress 22 years ago (understanding the politics is not the same as agreeing), allowed for a great deal of respect.

When he did not run for President under the Republican banner, due to recognizing that he was in fact not born a US citizen, still kept him in the realm of worthy of respect.

Now, for the last 5 years, we have discovered that his love of country may not be as strong as we thought. too bad.....for us

Muddafukka said...

Nigga be az Nigga do

Spider said...

Personally, i doubt he would have made this move if Mullah Obummer were White.

Also, i think this "armchair warrior" is still pissed that it was Norm Swartzkorf (sp) who was the real hero of Desert Storm, while this phony was back in DC in a nice clean uniform posing for the TV cameras.

Anonymous said...

He's a broad.

Turd Chikkin said...

Wrong NannerGiz.

He be a Toid Munky. Dat Y he da same kulla lyk a Turdy. An de Turdys be chikkin sheeeeet

Schteveo said...

I'm with you, as ad as it is to say, this is a skin color issue, just like last time. But it's racist to vote against him for disagreeing with his policies.

What a crock of race pimp bullshit.