Sunday, October 28, 2012's about the Saudi King takes a LONG walk on a SHORT pier!!l

Saudi King urges UN action against religious insults
Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz on Saturday demanded a UN resolution condemning insults on monotheistic religions after a low-budget film produced in the US sparked deadly protests last month.

"I demand a UN resolution that condemns any country or group that insults religions and prophets," he said during a meeting at his palace with religious figures and heads of hajj delegations in the Mina valley where pilgrims were performing final rituals of hajj.

"It is our duty and that of every Muslim to protect Islam and defend the prophets."

A low-budget film produced in the US, Innocence of Muslims, triggered a wave of deadly anti-American violence last month across the Muslim world targeting US symbols ranging from embassies and schools to fast food chains.

Saudi Arabia had threatened to block YouTube in the kingdom if Google did not respond to a request to deny access to the video footage of the film. YouTube then extended its restrictions on the video to Saudi Arabia.

The king also called on Saturday for the "unity of the Islamic nation (and) rejecting division to face the nation's enemies" as he urged for dialogue among Muslims.
I've got a request for the King, and the U.N.  How about they use their powers of friendship to stop MUSLIMS from KILLING everyone, everyday, everywhere?  I'm just thinking that the thoughtless boobs around the world, might quit slandering Muslims if said Muslims will quit killing them.
 And the King knows he's full of crap as a Christmas goose too on the whole 'video caused the killings in Benghazi' BS.  He's following that line of crap because the last thing His Majesty wants is a strong, Republican in the WH.  One that might call him to account for his support of Wahhabist Imams.

But, Allah forbid anything be asked of the Muslim world.


Allah Suks Piggy Dik said...

An I demand we nuke all muslims to cinders and make toilet apper outta the Koran, and use it wo wipe poopy piggy butts

Cowpill said...

Allah Suks Piggy Dik'

What a coinsidense , I have just finished drawing a picture of ALLAH, kinda looks like a pile of shit....

blue said...

80 degrees & sunny in San Diego - all y'all on the east coast be sure to wear your rubbers............

Schteveo said...

...don't need 'em, had a vasectomy years ago. But thanks for the reminder!

[ the storm blew by us, had 15 minutes of rain yesterday around 3PM been quite blustery off and on all day the storm broke the back of summer wed / thur morns, temps in the high 30's ]


SHeeeeeeeeeeeeet mun went Down to 71 dis morning. Up to 88 during the day/


E A T M E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spider said...

I just chained my car to a fire hydrant! Hope it holds.

Isn't it true that this "video" that all these liars (that includes the Mooselambs in the middle east and the one in the WH) keep whining about doesn't even exist? That the only thing that was made was a preview trailer for the "proposed" video?

But, all in all, i must agree with brother Poots. I think what will calm Mooselambs is to turn the middle east into a smoldering, vaporized, wasteland. Yes friends, i'm talking TOTAL ERADICATION, right down to the last goat. Then, before we put all the gear away, we can clean out Dearborn, MI., downtown Brooklyn, and other places where the towelheads have nested.

Auntie Poot said...

If we do not eliminate every last muslim and destroy every last evidence of their existence then eventually we must lose. Unless of course we put them all in chains and make them slaves. We could have Piggy Dome, where the first one to lick a piggys butt clean, lives and the rest get turned into piggy food.

Schteveo said...

You guys slay me.

You sound like our GG-grand-parents who wanted to kill all the Germans after WWI, and Grand-parents all the Nazis / 'nips', after WWII.

Neither of you is ignorant of history, so it must just be anger. But are you angry at ALL 16 y/o's because some of them are drunk driving, assholes who kill their friends, then walk away?

All Muslims aren't followers of the murdering few, not any more than all Christians handle snakes, follow David Koresh, Jim Jones or that crazy fag hater from Kansas. What you espouse is just the backside of what they do. Kill 'em all and let Allah sort them out.

And that would make us different as a society, how?

Muslim Busters said...

This is a religious mandate. Killing all of us is how the get to heaven. Their religion does not allow them to stop until we are all gone. We are not human or worthy to live. If it takes a hundred, a thousand or five thousand years they will not and cannot stop.To do so would cost them their eternal soul.

Only one way to deal with that shit.

Fatwah Poot said...

Fatwahs have expiration dates. Therefore they can have a Long Suk on a Short (piggy) Dick a far a I'm concerned.

Allah ak Turd!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No expiration date s

Guns & Buds said...

Damn rite Poot. Kill all the ugly ones.

Then fuck the cute ones ...................... just before you kill'm

Schteveo said...

I knew it'd fall on deaf ears, but I had to try anyway. It's just they way I'm wired.

October Poots Prize said...

Shit Munky Boyz. R U all drownded down?

Don't ch'all feel bad, I hear the Head Ubangi gots a October surprise fer ya'll.

Yup, ten trillion dolla ubangi shtimulus munny fer de shtorm peoples. Well only fo de kullad shtorm peoples dat goes out an votes fer obama dey each gonna gits a whole million obama bux if he be win de erection.

Red Bud Poots said...

Dude you're wired? Shit I got a little toasty last night myself.

Lamont, Lamont!
Where my Ripple?