Friday, October 5, 2012

Get Ready

It seems that many of the bad things that have a direct or indirect effect on our lives come from that Twilight Zone out on the West Coast, Mexifornia. More often than not, it's "ground-zero" for all the worlds cretins, radicals, goof-balls, and an endless assortment of misfits, and those are just the elected officials. Of course, here in NYC, we have the insatiably greedy Wall St. crooks who always do their part to make our lives a lot worse than they have to be, and all in the name of limitless profits. 

Let's just hope the articles below don't make their way across the country, although i'm afraid they've already started... (I paid $4.39 per gal. for 89-oct Mobil yesterday)


stinkinrottenkid said...

It's Bush's fault. He and his oil buddies. That's what we were told when Bush was President. After all, Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive. and it can'r be Hussein's fault.

Barak Bin Laden said...

Regular has beeb around $4.80 in CA forever.

Schteveo said...

I just ran up the road to get a little gas [I'm trying to diagnose a stalling problem on my truck...] and they were OUT of bottom end Regular Gas.

They had top gas and mid-grade, but reg-you-lar was gone. I haven't been out there in the world to see if it's a symptom, or an epidemic yet.

Spider said...

No shortage here yet, but at these prices, they'll make sure there's plenty of gas so they can rake-in as much as possible. As of now, there are only "rumors" of shortages, which is just another excuse to raise prices.

Notice how each year, when another bullshit excuse is invented to cause prices to go up, the new "norm" becomes a whole lot higher than before the phony reason for the increase? I'm sure we'll all be "pleased" when prices "drop" down to $4. per gal, which seems like where the new "norm" will be.

alan said...

I am so glad i filled up last week. It's kind of funny that it is now cheaper to drive 3 hours to Vegas and get gas than it is to just buy it down the street (and that factors in the expense of driving there)

Time to get those 5 gallon gas cans out of the garage and carry my return trip fuel with me. I'll save $20 per week.

Anonymous said...

Wait until next week when they lower the price by 2 or 3 cents. Then everybody will be happy, and there will be the new "norm". They do it to us every year and we still don't catch on.