Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friday Funny! (early edition)

            After the massacre Wednesday night some candid photographer took this picture of the
                                            President deplaning from Air Force-1

Quite frankly, I'm a little surprised he had enough ass left TO be bandaged!


Spider said...

Looks a little down-in-the-dumps, doesn't he. Obviously, anyone with an ego as big as his doesn't like be challenged, especially in front of the entire nation, and especially without his hand-picked group of Obamunist props as a backdrop, like he usually has.

Another thing he has to deal with now is, after watching him get his ass kicked, the nation now knows he's not the silver-tongued orator the MSM has been portraying him as. Without his telepromptors and other peoples words, he is the empty suit we were told he was back in '08. We were warned that this "nobody from nowhere" had zero experience, and for the first time, that fact was glaringly obvious.

Yes, his performance did make him, and his backers, look really bad. But IMO, it makes the American people look even worse for electeing him, and actually thinking about reelecting him.

Diarrreha Dave said...

Looks like he shit his drawers.

alan said...

Wish I could have watched the debate. I was making a cross country trip in a single engine, two bladed whirly-bird. It took 4 days from Alabama to Kalifornia.

Stopped by Poots' place, but missed him.

funny thing is, I could have done it in 3 days without "command guidance" and 2 if I would have drove instead of fly.....gotta love modern convenience.