Friday, October 12, 2012

Opinions are like as....

No link tonight, just one man's opinion about last night's debate and today's MSM back tracking and Obama hustling.

First off, the debate in my opinion was a draw.  Both the VP and Rep. Ryan made good points, bad points and some long circuitous tie ins.  However, Ryan outright won on looking like an adult, while Joe Biden looked like someone's half crazy Uncle at a family funeral.  He laughed at all the right times, and he was WAY TOO LOUD at all times.

The best line of the NIGHT was from Ryan when he told Uncle Joe that he was interrupting and that he should know better!!  Biden on the other hand used the term 'my friend' about a dozen times in that typical liberal (D) way that really means, "...this MFer over here...".

"...he wants to distance himself, but MY FRIEND sent me two letters asking for some of the stimulus money for his constituents..."

[ add the next instead Joe's of 'my friend', and read it again] [...did you sneer when you re-read it?]

Most of the news first thing this morning was about how well Biden did, how badly Ryan did and how the debates don't really mean anything.  I'm not sure just how that all fits together, but they attempt to dovetail it anyway.

I will admit that I have no powers of prognostication, some days I'm not really sure what's going on while it's going on.  But I predict that the current administration will be re-writing resumes come November 7th.


Nigga Shrugged said...

That piece of shit makes bozo the clown look like an undertaker.
Somebody s hould rub his nose in his own shit.
I'm going to see Atlas Shrugged II.


Spider said...

Joe hair-plugs didn't disappoint me at all. I expected him to be the loudmouth liar, buffoon, and bully he always is, and he was. What did disappoint me was Ryans sitting there like some middle-school kid being talked-down to, insulted, humilated, and disrespected by a bullying teacher. It seemed clear to me that the Demoncrats expected Ryan to be the mild-mannered nice guy he is, and simply saw that as a big easy-to-hit bullseye.

The Republican Party sent a very capable, polite, intelligent, and well-informed nice-guy to a street fight, and IMO, it didn't work for them. It's like bringing your powerpoint presentation to a gunfight. I'm sure they were (or should've been) well aware of what Biden is, and what he would do. IMO, if Ryan is seen as having won the debate, it's only because Biden lost it.

Only once did Ryan "meekly" say to Hair-Plugs, "we can't both talk at the same time", and both Biden and the moderator talked right over him as he said it. He never said anything about the numerous times the so-called "unbiased" moderator, (see: hard-core, liberal Demoncrat, Obama friend and supporter) interrupted him, but never Biden.

If i owned a huge business, Paul Ryan is the kind guy i would want in the back office, quietly running things for me. IMO, he's the kind of person you can have that much faith and confidence in. But a fighter, he's not.

BTW, how incredibily dumb and weak is the Republican Party that they would approve of all these left-wing, pro-Obummer MSM "moderators" being used?

Old Adage: Nice guys finish last!

Plug kicker said...

Ryan shoulda kick old plugs in da groin.

Crotch Burner said...

An den set fire to his crotch o la.