Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More death worshiping in America

about a week ago, one of my buddies sent me a link to a radio call in audio recording.  This woman called in and was hoping to get some visibility on a problem that she thought was important and the local government officials were ignoring her.

The problem was that the DPW kept picking the worst possible places to put DEER XING zones!  she had been involved in 3 accidents in the previous 6 months because the deer crossing zones were in high traffic area.  Her argument was that the zones should be in less populated areas where people were less likely to run into them.   but anyway.....

I have to shake my head that a woman in the land of fruits & nuts wants to have a memorial built where a truck full of food rolled over and the said food accelerated it's decomposition so that it was no longer suitable to be consumed by humans.  Her argument is that fish are our friends, (even if they are food) and we should memorialize their pain and suffering (because they have feelings too) when a tragic accident occurs (even if their oldest and fondest memory is only 3 seconds old)

Memorializing dead criminals-- a must, because they are really just misunderstood souls who never really had a chance at life

but soldiers and police officers who are killed in the line of duty?.....well it was their job to die.

on a side note....happy non-religious holiday to celebrate make believe night mares that has nothing to do with fun, but instead centers on teaching extortion to children so that their parents can have higher dental bills..... or......Happy Halloween!


Tuna Gash said...

Fish fish fishy fish.
Fishy fishy fish.

Eat some fishy tang
poon poon poon.

Snorpht !!!!!!!!!!!

Schteveo said...

a few years ago my wife and I were watching the late news, and they showed some PETA folks picking up baskets of frogs and carrying them across a busy highway in WA or OR. It was their annual migration and the road was slick with dead frogs.

I was onboard with these idiots spending THEIR time to help the frogs...UNTIL they said they were getting Federal Money from ??? part of the Forestry Service. And WHY was the frog group out there?

Their illustrious leader, a crying lady wearing a PETA jacket said, "...we're out here in the rain, [sniffle, sniffle] helping nature survive, because [sniffle, snort]after ALL, frogs are people too! [full on boo hooing]"

I think you're a closeted gay guy, trying to make us think you are hetero. I don't care if you are gay, the fish and frogs certainly don't care!

Shmell Da Gash said...

Fish, as Muslims, Coons and Liberals are born to die.