Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

I just wanted to take a minute to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  As sad as our situation is, it could be much worse.  This far, fanatics aren't dragging 'accused' spies, collaboraters, or anyone they just don't like, behind motorcycles.

Yeah, that's a buzz kill. 

But look around you...give thanks for who and where we are...give thanks for your wives, kids, family in whatever amounts or doses see,s appropriate to you...and give thanks that we still have the freedom to come in here and bitch or hold hands.

Kum ba ya is still not mandatory.   (and as it's a spiritual, not likely to be under ANY (D) WH rule)


Schteveo said...

Who won the parade!? NBC, CBS or HGTV?

Gabby Johnson said...


Schteveo said...

But the President's still a BONNNNGGGGG.....!!!!

Did anyone look at the reports of all the shootings, muggings, punchings, flailings over yesterdays sales? WTF is wrong with people?

Is $200 off of a 42" TV really worth getting shot over?

Poot said...

Maybe not but certainly worth capping some other fool.

Spider said...

And, it's all the usual suspects. It's just another opportunity to loot, except this time they have to pay. Well, for most of the stuff. You hardly ever see White people acting like that. Then again, if they did, they would get into trouble. No free passes for them.

Personally, i do all my shopping from my keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Nigga gots ta be Nigga

Schteveo said...

you better go back and look at some of the video shot of the rumbling shoppers. Except for an Eskimo dressed in Muslim drag, I saw pretty much every segment of society in the stores acting like an asshole. Hell, we had a guy shot and killed in a car parts parking lot here on Friday.

You can't even get windshield wipers without getting murdered now.

alan said...

I made a trip to Home depot at 5:00 a.m. I was back out at 5:05. It was awesome.

Then I went back to bed. Later around 11:00 my daughter called and asked if we wanted to go eat Thai and see her old boss. I thought "sure, most of the idiocy should be over." and drove across town.

When I got there I simply stated, that I really wished that I was in Iraq right then. She gave me a puzzled look and I responded, "At least there, when I saw some one doing something stupid or which endangered other people, I could just kill them, and remove them from everyone's misery."

On the up side....two kids came down from college. We had plenty of food for all. My son made a couple great catches during the neighborhood flag football game (BTW his A3 high school wasn't even mentioned in the preseason line up, but won State 2 weeks ago) We spent Saturday turning an old lamp table from good will into a kitchen set for my grand daughter.....overall, so long as I didn't turn on the news it was a fantastic weekend with an abundance of things to be greatful for.