Thursday, November 1, 2012

NYC Halloween Party

Ask yourself, "What would the fall out be, if the (R) or Conservatives had thrown a big Halloween Bash, just after the storm?"
It was definitely a scary 48 hours for the inhabitants of New York.

But now that Hurricane Sandy has moved away from the East Coast, it's back to business for most New Yorkers, including Bette Midler.  The veteran actress and singer continued her life as usual and celebrated her yearly extravagant celebrity 'Hulaween' bash on Wednesdaynight in the storm-struck city.

Despite the fact that Lower Manhattan is still without power, Bette managed to find a venue uptown which did have electricity: The Waldorf Astoria hotel.

And as the annual bash is held in honour of her charity Bette Midler's New York Restoration Project which tries to create more green space in New York, it is no wonder that the Rose singer was so keen to carry on with the party, especially as the funds raised with the bash could be used to help restore the city after the storm.
Here's my question?  Why no mention of how much $$$ they raised?  Which charity will get the money?  And the best question yet...why not skip the costumes, food, etc and donate the total amount of money that you ALL had earmarked for the party?


Cowpill said...

If she didn't have tits I would have no interest in her.

Schteveo said...

Bette Midler?

Spider said...

Oh man Cow, even back when i was drinking i wouldn't do her, even using yours!

So, why the parade? Because, what it really is, (before they changed the name) is NYC's Gay Pride Parade. Now you know why "queen" Bloomberg made sure it went ahead, even though people were suffering and dying all over the city.

The Big Apple? No, the BIG FUBAR!

Douche Gash Nigga Voter said...

Check drudge. Big thing how the media isn't reporting how bad it is.Pp

Anonymous said...

They'll report it (after) he wins.

Spider said...

Well, well, well. NYC's Queen Bloomberg, the epitome of elitist arrogance, was forced by public outcry to cancel NYC's marathon run this Sunday. Every year, thousands of these assholes run themselves to death simply to make some kind of statement. It's like carrying around a Starbucks coffee container to show the world that you are "enlightened".

But after Sandy's devastation, and with over 50 people dead, (and counting) and thousands still without power, heat, food, and hot water, these runners would not have survived running through the city's neighborhoods, except for Manhattan, which is home to most of the country's Leftists. And because of that, and as usual, Manhattan got 110% of whatever emergency attention that was available. Can't have folks being cold in their $20 Million dollar condo, now can we.

Hey man, this is NYC. There was wide-spread looting in black areas, (as usual) and people pulling guns on each other just to get in line for some gas! So how do you think those "VERY" pissed-off people would've viewed some trendy morons running through their area, especially after those runners used up a huge portion of cops, EMS, fire, and other emergency personel? Also, while the rest of us were dark, cold, and hungry, (42) huge generators were "reserved" for the runners use. I'm betting at least half of those runners would not have returned from their run.