Monday, November 19, 2012

Yet another reason to miss California, it's gone.

Way back in the olden times, when I was a young trainee squid, my wife and I, enroute to yet another school at Great Lakes Naval Training Center, stopped in San Jose to visit my wife's cousin and his family.  On that Saturday, we ditched our respective children with another cousin, and we went into San Francisco.  We did all the tourist stuff and late in the day we took the ferry over to Tiburon to see yet more family.

On the ferry were two gay men, strolling the deck, taking pictures and occasionally swapping spit.  Personally, I don't care, so long as they didn't try to kiss me, I, do, not, care.  My wife's cousin got all wound up and complained that the SF City Council had taken a vote to quit using the old vice laws aimed at stopping such public displays among men & men, women & women, cats & dogs, etc.

That was in 1978.  Since then, by all I've actually seen there in a half dozen returns, and by news stories, they've quit enforcing ANY laws that curb the SF Nuttery.  That is, until now.  And this is where I say, if this next story doesn't prove that we've lost our way overall, lost our cultural guideposts and lost any semblance of civility, then you aren't as sharp as you give yourself for being.

San Francisco’s lawmakers are voting Tuesday on whether to ban nudity in a city where anything goes, including clothes.

The ordinance would prohibit nudity in most public places. It represents an escalation of a two-year fight between a group of men who strut their stuff through the city’s famously gay Castro District and the supervisor who represents the area.

Supervisor Scott Wiener’s proposal would make it illegal for a person over the age of 5 to “expose his or her genitals, perineum or anal region on any public street, sidewalk, street median, parklet or plaza” or while using public transit.

“I don’t think having some guys taking their clothes off and hanging out seven days a week at Castro and Market Street is really what San Francisco is about. I think it’s a caricature of what San Francisco is about,” Wiener said.

Exemptions would be made for participants at permitted street fairs and parades, such as the city’s annual gay pride event and the Folsom Street Fair, which celebrates sadomasochism and other sexual subcultures.
Well, by all means let's have SOME exemptions!  We wouldn't want the ass spankers and ass spankees grouped in with those low life nudists who stand around buck naked for their health.  I'm betting there was plenty of weird and perverse behavior in Rome, Athens, Persia, etc, just before the marauding hordes descended into to town for some raping and pillaging marauding horde style!
And they're JUST deciding 'whether' to do this or not.  I'm betting people with small children want this.  Or old people. Or guys who sell clothing even.  You want to walk around naked, go out in the forest where people don't HAVE to see you!  Listen, I'm a big fan of naked, but I don't got to the Wal-Mart that way.

And how is it that a guy named WEINER got elected in SF, especially in the Castro District?  WTH was HE thinking?!  WTH were the voters thinking?  Surely, you'd think they'd think of how that sounds to the rest of the country..


Spider said...

It shouldn't come as a surprise to any rational person that Mexifornia is beyond help. Way beyond help. The whole state is turning into a festering swamp, devoid of morals, values, or commonsense. Personally, i think Amerika would be a better place without it.

Anonymous said...

Why are Frisco's Elected Tormentor's wasting time with a public nudity ban? Were they being intentionally ironic by having a man named 'Weiner' fronting for it? Wouldn't a ban on public stupidity get 'er done with superior efficiency?

srk said...

Even the turkeys are "dressing"

Cowpill said...

Did you see the one's stripping in the courtroom.......eeeewwwwww.

Spider said...

For anyone thinking of going down to Mexas to get away from the leftist takeover of America, you had better think again. Like a bad virus, they're there also. So it's no longer only steers and queers who come from Mexas, it's also northern leftists.

Schteveo said...

I read that too. But in Texas, the parents WILL fight that kind of crap.

Did you ever spend any real time down there? It's very different 'feel' to people and life in most of TX. Now you go into Austin, it's a typical [lefty] college town. But two minutes out of town, it's Texas again.

And there aren't enough people in Austin to swing any votes.

Anonymous said...