Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is the DEA is going away? Hopefully

One of the interesting things that happened on Tuesday were the Marijuana Approval Votes in Colorado and Washington both passed Pot for Fun Referendums.  And this is what NORML has been pushing for since they formed in 1970.

This has been pushed, by the Leftist MSM AND what little Right-Wing Media there is, as a fight between Conservative Values and Liberal lack of Values or Liberal Druggies vs Christian Conservatives.

I'm throwing the Horse Poop flag!

There aren't enough 18 to 30 year old druggies out there to get these laws passed.  The thing that was wrong and the idea that's wrong is the WHO that for this.  It was the 18 to 30 year olds en masse, not just 'druggies' [whaeverTF that word even means now] and it was Libertarians and Libertarian leaning Conservatives regardless of age added in FOR THE WIN.

I'm for a total revocation of stupid drug laws.  There's no proof that smoking pot leads to being a crack head or a Lion of Industry.  But getting caught often leads to jail.  And there is ZERO agreement on what level of severity to place on getting caught  A pound of pot in Texas is a Life Sentence, Manslaughter is 8 to 12 years.  A pound in some other places is a $5000 fine and 2 years probation.

Is there one adult with an IQ over 90 who thinks that makes sense!?

Like I've said before, I think you out to be able to walk into a pharmacy, or your favorite liquor store in the case of marijuana, throw down that drivers license and buy 10 qualudes or 10 vials of crack.  Yes I did say crack.  Let's face it, we spend a couple BILLION $$$ a year trying to stop this stuff.  The drug cartels and the gangs make ten times that much, it's the same system that Capone, et al used during Prohibition.  Elliot Ness didn't shut them down.  J. Edgar Hoover didn't shut them down.  Local, state and federal cops working together didn't shut them down.

It was the Twenty-First Amendment that shut them down, stopped their cash flow, stopped their inter-gang fighting and the collateral damage of honest citizens being blow up, shot and or killed and deaths from bad, rot gut alcohol being sold.

I think both WA and CO will take this all the way to SCOTUS.  And I think this SCOTUS, without any changes, will allow the laws to stand.  And IMnonHO, they should stand.

We need Legalization, Taxation, Education and Rehabilitation.  All of it paid for, just like alcohol, meat, vegetable, grain and vehicles are inspected and made safe now, by the collected taxes of those buying the product.  Will there be drug 'bootlegging'?  Well hell yes.  But it's ALL bootlegged now!  And even those who don't buy or use any drugs are paying the tariff for NOT getting the use, importation or murder of the current crazy ass system stopped.

And I didn't even touch on fewer people in courts, jails and probation / parole systems for drug charges and the Billions saved there..


Were fucked said...

They'll be enforcing obama care.

Schteveo said...

I take it from the raucous discussion this topic started, nobody cares about this?

OK, nuff NOT said.
and according to John Boehner,

"...Obamacare is the law of the land."

Uh, we all knew that dickweed. But many of us were hoping you'd put up a little fight in the House! But I guess they're taking that old, "...if you're gonna be raped, just lay back, grit your teeth and it'll be over quicker", thing to a whole new political level?

I've seen several things in the last few days saying the Republican Party is behind the times, and behind the curve on a number of political issues. And that they're beating themselves by putting up candidates who are too rich or too old.

All I have to say to that would be, "...well no SHIT Sherlock(s)!"

But if the Rube-publicans are going to ever win anything, ever again, they've got to play the game they get DEALT and not the game they wish it was! They have got to put 'it' on the Dems like they get 'it' put on them.

Actually, what I think is that it's time for a new party to rise up out of this total bullshit mess that the Repugnicans have allowed to happen. Political Parties have come and gone, the two we have now have been around longer than any other two in our history. Let's kill the weak one and create a new stronger one out of the remains of it's bloated, rotting corpse.

Spider said...

Boehner is simply showing us why the republicans lost. They are consumed by weakness, and even when they actually get control of something, they're still not in charge. This, IMO, is a political party that has clearly outlived it's usefulness, assuming it ever had any. And IMO, the same applies to the now-completely-dead tea party.

As for pot, as i've always said, it should be legalized, along with the other drugs the govt. decided it doesn't like. The so-called "war on drugs" was always, and continues to be, a huge waste of time and money. Like the Viet Nam war, the drug war was always meant to be fought, but never won. There's no money in winning wars, only fighting them.

Anonymous said...


Schteveo said...

So here's the question, how do we actually start and fill out a NEW political party?

I think the same thing. The Republican Party should be disbanded and the very word Republican should be placed in the same category as ethnic slurs, and words you can't say in church.