Friday, November 30, 2012

WTF is WRONG with the British People!?!

Let me say at the outset, that I think terminally ill people should have the right to pull their own plug.  I watched my sister and mother-in-law die from breast cancer within 4 months of each other.  I think my sister would have opted for life, but I think Mom would have pulled the plug.  But as adults, they should have had the choice.

On May 8, 1945, the limited controllers of power, of what remained of the Nazi Military surrendered unconditionally to the Allied Forces.  And we thought that we'd saved Western Europe from socialist tyranny and the Nazi ideas of Ubermensh and Eugenics and the Death Camps.  There was dancing and drinking and celebration in NYC and in London especially.  I've seen the photos and films to prove it.
But somehow, between May 8, 1945 to today, many people have taken on many of the ideas OF the Nazis, and the Home of the British Empire in WWII has adopted not ONLY a choice of dying for the sick and elderly, they've now begun euthanizing sick children.  Hell no I'm not making this up, I've got proof.

UPDATE: I have removed the quoted lines, because they were screwing up the entire blog.  You can read the entire article, .HERE....

Parents and care teams are unprepared for the SOMETIMES severe changes that they will witness?!  Well no SHIT!  And let me be frank, WHAT ABOUT THAT BABY OR CHILD!!!  WTF are THEY going through?
I gotta tell you, I'm shocked that anyone could do this to a child! 

And yes, I do have reference.  My dad died from complications of Parkinsons Disease.  He was at home, under Hospice Care, for a week.  After watching my sister die, both my parents signed Living Wills, so we knew Pop's wishes.  He wanted NO Heroic Measures or MONEY spent to keep him alive artificially.
After the doctors gave him the long face, we all made quick provisions for hospice to help us set up the house for Pop.  A hospital bed, and an oxygen tank were the ONLY things we got, and I think the tank was a 'legal thing' [???]. Pop went to sleep 8 or 10 hours after his last doctor visit where they told him his body was shutting down.  He was at home on that very first night of Hospice Care, we all hugged him, kissed him goodnight and he simply never woke up again.  And even though he didn't have food or water for a week, he looked basically the same when he passed.  As a grown man, he had enough weight and fluid in his body to last that week.  He truly died from his body quitting.

I cannot imagine watching your baby or child shrivel and die from hunger and thirst like that.  How do you look at each other, your family or YOURSELF in the mirror again?
Lastly, this is the outcome of 60 years of Socialized Medicine in the UK.  And even though they are weaning themselves OFF of that medical nightmare, this practice has, evidently, only recently begun over there.  I expect it's the last gasp of their, supposed, Medical Ethicists, most of whom in the world are RAVING Leftists. 

(for those NOT in the loop, the medical community is ruled, run, and administered by Lefties just like education is   )
What concerns me is the WORLDWIDE interconnection of organizations of the Medical Community.  Certainly our [Leftist] Medical Ethicists are intouch [and lockstep] with the ones in the UK and the EU, so tell me this won't happen here.  And tell me it won't happen ASAP here, and NOT in 60 years, as we are just starting our nightmare dance with Socialized Medicine.  

After all, it was the American Progressive Eugenicists from whom the Nazis borrowed many of their ideas about euthanasia.  Remind me again, who is it who is running our Medical System now?  Well the Progressives are in charge, but they'll never kill babies or children, there won't be a 'Death Panel', they said so, President Obama assured us!

You can tell me all day, everyday, but I won't believe you, not now, not ever.  I don't trust anyone who would starve to death or allow a baby to die from thirst, not now, not ever



Spider said...

"One doctor has admitted starving and dehydrating ten babies to death in the neonatal unit of one hospital alone. The physician revealed the process can take an average of ten days during which a baby becomes ‘smaller and shrunken.."

Talk about cruel and unusal punishment. And from a nation of pansys who are totally addicted to political correctness! So much so, that you can be arrested in Britain for "criminal" thoughts! These are the same people who are rabidly opposed to a death penalty for "any" crime!

But, they chose socialized medicine, as the American sheeple now have, so that's what they get.

Schteveo said...

Sweet Holy Jeebus Spider!!

I thought it was just me who felt like they'd lost their minds over there.

Beyond the no death penalty thing, this is the same country where legions of idiots stopped fox hunting because it 'scared' the fox! This is the same country where they stop hunters from shooting STARVING deer, because it's 'cruel'. This is the same country where they fought the Battle of Britain, so the Nazis wouldn't take over and kill people they didn't like or 'inferior' people.

Oh, wait...

BOW said...

They have really bad teeth and a health care system that sucks.

Schteveo said...

Sorry Billy O, this story made me turn in my drum kit, no rim shots on this one.

Spider said...

But Bill's comment is worth a LOL!

Yes, kill the babies but spare the killers. Sounds just like Amerika, doesn't it.

FingerPoot, Snorpht. Fingerpoot said...

Oh but it can't happen here, no fukkin way.

Schteveo said...

Oh but it can Bro Poots And I'll bet you it's buried in that Obumblecare Package, somewhere.

Poots said...

I vote liberals to the front light the line