Sunday, November 11, 2012

MORE good reasons to move to TX or even Louisiana!

UPDATE: Wednesday, 10:40 AM, EST

 According to 'The Daily Caller', there are now Petitions for Secession from ALL 50 States.  

I'm no genius, but it seems to me that regardless of who started these, or how many people, or what percentage per capita those signatories represent, this is one hell of a mess for the Obama Administration.  Again, going not just back to the Civil War, but now back to the very beginning of our country, not since then, have the states had a movement to dissolve the old, and want to bring in the 'new'.

The 'new' in this case, oddly, is the 'old', or actually the 'original'.  We may be the only country in the history of the world where the Rebels WANT the old system, not something new!



UPDATE: Tuesday, 8:25 AM, EST

Texas has gotten the 25K signatures necessary for the petition to be considered.

I have zero legal knowledge of how this could or would work.  But if there is ONE state hard headed and strong enough to start this ball rolling, it's Texas!  When they say "Don't Mess with Texas", they are NOT kidding.


We all talk about armed resistance, molon labe, let 'em come, end of the world as we know it...or just the end of our country as we know it, right?  Or we worry about being rounded up by our CURRENT government, and shot at by our own troops or blown to hell by black helicopters.

Well, the smart people in Louisiana and Texas ARE doing something I don't think I ever considered.

They both have petitions making the rounds to secede from the U.S.  It's the best deal out there in my opinion.  TX has oil and natgas, LA has refineries and chemical plants.  TX has tons of space for windmills or solar farms. 

 They've got all the stuff a country needs, deep water ports, fuels, refineries, vegetable foods and meats and the ability to replenish same.  They grow a lot of cotton in TX and LA has rice.

So the question becomes, WILL our elected worms let them leave, taking natural resources, farming and ranching and refining capabilities with them?  OR, will there first be a legal battle and then a lead flying people getting pissed off and killed battle?  Or is that the logical progression in the country to day anyway?

Beyond all that, those are still two of the states that would fair well outside as countries or inside in a civil war.  Texas is ONCE again looking like a great place to start over.  And as reluctant as my better half has been to move anywhere, she's begun to ask my WHERE in Texas, not why or how!


Spider said...

Actually, i think secession is the only thing left for those who still love America as it was, or should be. But you can expect the left and the MSM to label anyone who even mentions that idea a psycho terrorist.

Those of us here, unlike most people, are aware that the country is being dragged further and further to the Left. I find that rather amazing, since, according to most studies, only about 21% of the people call themselves liberals. So if that's true, who reelected the Marxist-in-Chief? Did the MSM have enough power to con the other 79%? Again?

My only problem with Mexas is that it's pretty much become just a suberb of Mexico now. Most public officials in southern Mexas don't even speak English! Also, many northern liberals are moving there, along with many other places in the south. Apparently, they're trying to get away from those cities where their bleeding-heart policies have destroyed everything.

Secession may be the only thing left that will save our country aside from another civil war.

BTW, keep your eyes open for a new version of the old movie "Red Dawn" that's coming out very soon. It may be more relevant than ever before.

You Know Poots said...

You all know me.
I'm not a ...soft guy.

Kind of a hard ass that grew up in the tough part of ChiTown.

Had to be ... as a Polock working for Tony Arcado et. al. Where I lived at Taylor and Western St. in Chi When I was 13 Y.O.

I educated myseff. 2 BSs, 2 MSs And (yes & me Doc deg - sorry I didn't tell U.

But what just happened hurt me dudes. I think its time to get ready. Got a young wife and rather young daughter.


I think the time to lock and load is coming if not here already.

I've given up on much of anything other than what grew this country in the first place, and that wasn't giving in to the lazy Marxizt recipients of welfare and the Sharia Muslims that want to slit your and your childrens throats to go to their heavenly virgins.

Get readey dudes.

I am.

Spider said...

Unfortunately, you're right on target brother Poots. I just wonder if there's enough will and backbone left in the country.

I firmly believe the America we've all known and loved is on it's knees, and we don't have a political party to turn to. That just leaves us and our guns. Yes, brother Poots. It's time.

Selling the wifes car for ammo Poots said...

Well, in general I don't think there is enough gonadal material left anymore.

But you Shpide, are welcome to come out to AZ and park your lead next to mine any time. I can see the Superstitions from my balcony and they provide spectacular sniping advantage. From up high it can give a 5.56 the range of a 7.62 Even My daughter (gonna be 9 this month) knows how to play ZOMBIE - when it comes down (ie only head shots count)... It's kind of a cute little game we play at the range.

I'm still riding her about the time she capped the clothes pin holding the target...... She still swears she was aiming at it.

Schteveo said...

Yahoo News has an article tonight saying it's now up to 20 (twenty) states with people having set up such petitions.

Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas

If anyone would have EVER told me that in my lifetime, we'd have ONE state asking to secede I woulda said BS. But 20! Jayeezus!!!

Whether ANY of these ever get looked at, it's a sign of the times that these things exist and people are signing them. Hell, even Lincoln didn't have TWENTY states leave to join the Confederacy. But THAT didn't happen overnight either. The idea was 10 years from talking to firing on Ft. Sumpter.

alan said...

It can't be happening in PA, some districts are reporting in excess of 90% voter turn out, with greater than 99% voting for the Obamessiah(I read that as 100% since they admit that the opposing candidate did not get a single vote in that district)

Chicago seems to have had some of the same phenomenal voting.

And there were people who questioned the totaltarian regime of Romney's chuch when it was noted that the annual conference of the church usually resulted in a unanimous sustainment of the church leadership.

Spider said...

NY? Must be those 6 or 7 republicans living way up state.

Look guys. All this talk about secession is interesting and welcomed right now, but we all know it won't go anywhere. Why? Because petitions filled out have to be handed to who? Some elected lying crook who relys on the govt. to eat.

In other words, "they" won't let a movement like that get off the ground. And anyone who's name is on a petition will be listed as a terrorist. No my friends. Playing by the rules will get us nowhere. In fact, by filling out forms, going to courts, etc. we'd be playing by their rules.

No. I think it's time for the tree of liberty to be refreshed.

Spider said...

And now it starts. Last Thur, the Marxist-in-Chief signed a "law" that makes "speech and protest a felony" if it's the kind of speech and protest he doesn't like! And guess what? It was backed by (both) parties!

Maybe we don't have enough ammo after all.

A. Levy said...

Secession? Here's why it would never work.

“White House staff will review the petition, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, (see: shredder) and issue an official response...”

Schteveo said...

I have no hope that anyone in the WH would just let people secede. But no one out there thinks you can just say, Yo, Obama WE'RE NOT PART of YOU anymore, either.

Like I said somewhere and I don't know where now, the Confederacy didn't sprout up overnight either. It was fully 10 years from bitching about politics, and economics, being run from the North, to the firing on Fort Sumter.

I don't consider the petitions the shots fired, I consider it the bar room bitching, BEFORE any shots fired.

But more importantly, these are not petitions filled out by the typical disgruntled, left-wing, 99%, OWS, campus types, you know who I mean, the usual petitioning groups. These petitions are written by the people who are usually the BAD GUYS in the other petitions! When do we ever hear about hard-core right-wing folks writing or handing around petitions? Rarely, if ever.

This, regardless of the outcome, is a new day kind of action we're seeing.

Schteveo said...

wrong button alert
the petitions don't say WHO started them or where in the state.
we won't hold all that education against you. It could have happened to anyone of us. Except for the part where most of us don't have that kinda multi-degree drive.

I'll even 'out' myself on the education front now. (I said 'out', and half you perv's thought I was talking sex...din'tcha?)

I quit HS in 11th grade, just weeks before school was going to be out. I wasn't going to survive and pass anyway, so I got a job, then quit, in that order too. but one of the things we did before I quit was take that old aptitude test that we loved so much. My stuff came back saying I'd be good at art, or working with my hands. (two things I already knew by then) But what was insane to me at the time was the thing saying I'd be a good teacher! Well HTF can that be, I hated school! At the time All I wanted outta school was ME.

A few years later in the navy I was a p/t instructor. Then 15 years later I worked doing International Eqpt Installations and Corporate Training.

Three years ago, some of you will remember, I home schooled my oldest grandson for a year. And truth be known, I enjoyed it all, and I am a good instructor. I'm a horrible human being but I'm a good teacher!

alan said...

Education isn't a bad thing, I find it funny that Poots is still scared of a single engine turbine helo....but maybe that is just my way of pushing the envelope...on fire and only one engine remaining.

On the other hand, the school of hard knocks teaches a lot of people what is really important, and occasionally those of us who have a fetish for academia, sometimes can do that and still keep our heads screwed on straight.

of course my last MA was in History, where I am now starting a Ph.D. program. But I have access to the real history, not the edited version that is being foisted on our kids today.

Poots 4 CessNation said...

Well one MS and the Doc were paid for by Mother B.

And add AZ to the list, was at 17,500 signatures earlier today.

Not afraid of anyhing that flys as long as I got a little air unner me. Was a skydiver for 24 yrs. Little over 5000 exits. After all that ended up with one really sprained ankle adn a cut thumb when I yanked way too hard on one of the Capewells during my first bad chute (malfunction).

Schteveo said...

Helicopters and parachutes and you guys say you're educated. HAH!

Spider said...

I must say i'm impressed by all that you guys have accomplished. I got my Ph.D. at a young age on the streets of Brooklyn. You could say i'm a doctor of survival.

Anonymous said...
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Schteveo said...

I killed the Comment above because i was an Anon comment that was some kind of links to buy down parkas.

Spider said...

Well, it looks like the Muslim-in-Chief's worshipers have noticed all the growing talk about secession, and have come up with their response. And what may that be you ask? If you sign one of those petitions, YOU WILL BE DEPORTED!

That's right. The 40 millions illegals here will be allowed to stay, and WE will be deported!

Still think you have enough ammo?

Anonymous said...

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry has one message for the tens of thousands of Texans calling for secession from the United States: The state (will not) secede.

More than 76,000 people have signed a petition on the "We the People" White House website for Texas to withdraw from the Union and start a new government after President Barack Obama was re-elected.

"The US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government's neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending. … Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect it's citizens' standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government," the petition states.

Perry spokesperson Catherine Frazier tells CBS News that the governor "shares the frustrations many Americans have with our federal government," but "believes in the greatness of our Union and nothing should be done to change it."

Perry has been caught in the middle of secession controversy before after being falsely accused by members of the Obama administration of wanting Texas to be a separate country, according to

5.56 Poots said...

Wonder if Perry has enough ammo to stop them?

Schteveo said...

Well, as much as I'm an admirer of Rick Perry, it ain't UP to him to decide this! It's not even up to the Texas Legislature. Secession is a people's movement. And if, or when, the citizens decide they want to split, leave, exit, blowTF outta the Union, secede, then the Legislators and Mr. Perry have two choices.

Go along with the people, or MOVE out of the reborn Republic of Texas!

Of course it's basically symbolic in 80% of these states, including where I live. But please tell me what does the Feral Gub'ment have to offer places like TX, AK, FL, any of the Gulf Coast for that matter, WA, OR and HI?

These are states that have some business or natural resource that the rest of the world needs. And let's face it, TX and AK would probably do quite well without the 'help' they currently get from D.C.

Imagine TX oil fields re-opened and drilling in ANWR. The economy in those two states would go bat shit crazy.

LobsterBoy Snorpht said...

And then we could declare war on all the liberal states - cause they won't have any guns. After we kill all them democrat assholes I could go to San Francisco and eat seafood with out going off the edge and cutting some shitheads face off.

Anonymous said...

Here's what Ron Paul thinks about secession.