Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In My Opinion, ...

Well, it's finally over. The election that is. Now, it's just the pain and suffering that's left. The electoral college decided that the Marxist-in-Chief needed another four years to finish this country off. Notice i didn't say the voters. They actually had nothing to say about it, even though, "allegedly", some 51% of them agreed.

I'm sure a lot of us here have been scratching our heads wondering how the American sheeple could be so blind. Then again, most of us know how blind, weak, gullible, and distracted they can be, and usually are. The MSM makes billions every year simply because they are aware of that fact. Now, the Left has a very firm grip on just about everything.

Personally, i don't blame the Demoncrats, the Left, or the MSM, for doing what they do. I blame the republicans for not realizing the strengths and weakness's of the enemy, and not having the brains, strength, the will, the passion, or the backbone, to even mount a credible fight. They got "steamrollered"! I also blame the tea party for drying-up and blowing away just when they were needed most. (i will no longer use upper-case letters when writing about republicans or the tea party. It is my way of showing a total lack of respect for both...)

Now the Left and radical Left have this country by the throat, and they've already started to squeeze. IMO, the next four years are going to be dark years for our country, our freedoms, and our liberties, at least those we still have left. We will see the most radical leftist agendas being pushed, and accepted, all over the country. What is there to stop them. The only question now is, can America survive the next four years and still be America. IMO, it will not...


Schteveo said...

"I blame the republicans for not realizing the strengths and weakness's of the enemy, and not having the brains, strength, the will, the passion, or the backbone, to even mount a credible fight."

This is WHY I said we need to roll the (R) over into a ditch, pull the tags off, clean out the trunk, and leave the rusted, rotting carcass to the elements. I don't know HOW to start a new party or how to take over the old one. But something along the lines of the Tea Party, but with actual Tea Party Candidates who do NOT identify as (R)'s.

AND, the other thing they've got to quit doing is airing their differences in public. This crap that all the Right-Wing talking heads and personalities have been doing since Nov 7th is insane. And the worse part of it is that it's there's no cohesion in the party. A bunch of old white guys pointing fingers and whining like 3rd graders is NOT the way to get new voters.

The other thing they can't do is spending two years fighting "X" provision or law, then when the LOSE an election, change their minds and put up a similar proposal. McCain NOW thinks we need the DreamAct, or something like it, passed.

Just because the party in the WH has moved WAY out to the left, doesn't mean that other party has to go with them, just for fear of pissing off people who AREN'T going to vote for you ANYWAY.

The real, sad, truth is that if ALL the people who voted in 2008 for McDuffus had turned out on Nov 7th, Obama would be packing for Hawaii right now.

Jesse Jachass, Jr said...


Spider said...

Remember, John McLoser was one of the first proponents of amnesty for illegals.

So long as congress has the deck stacked against "allowing" a third party, the system will not change no matter what the sheeple say. And i don't see any more Ross Perots out there with the balls to start one. It's pretty tough to compete in a game when all the rules are made by your opponents, in this case, both parties.

Congress does not contain the type of people who would be willing to share their power with a third party, even though they've obviously bent over for the Marxist-in-Chief and allowed him to make them even more irrelevant than they were before. If they were willing, the system would've changed with Perot.

IMO, it's quite obvious that the people who truly love and care about this country no longer have any control of "their" govt., (assuming they ever did) and that on it's own it will never change because those who control it have much too much to lose. That leaves only one course of action left.

The tree of liberty desperately needs to be refreshed.

alan said...

Spidy....the sad thing is, there are very few people left who have any idea what you mean by refreshing the tree of Liberty, and even fewer willing to do so.