Saturday, November 3, 2012

Will We Save America?

Our great nation was founded by a collection of men who envisioned a new nation, one conceived in liberty, a nation willing to accept the huddled masses that arrive on our shores...legally. They fought an uphill battle for our liberty during the American Revolution, and won. They drafted two of the most important documents in modern history.

The Declaration Of Independence boldly states that inalienable individual liberty is our birthright, not a gift given to us by the Nanny State. The United States Constitution is the first founding document, in any nation, which shields sovereign individuals and their liberty by imposing non-negotiable limits on government. Because of their efforts, the nation the founders created became a major economic and military powerhouse.

Guess what? That all changed with the ascension of The Marxist Messiah. When Messiah Barry spouted his teleprompter scripted drivel about 'change', many otherwise intelligent individuals wrote it off as campaign rhetoric. That, as we all learned, was, at best, wishful thinking. If you pretend otherwise, it's the fast track to a suicidal depression. Four years later, the winds of political change have, once again, reached hurricane force. After the 2008 election cycle the howling winds reached into every corner of American life, every square inch of this land conceived in liberty. That storm has subsided, and America is still here, but it isn't the America the framers of our Constitution envisioned. It's not even the flawed America that punched a chad for a Dumbo-eared Marxist Muslim in 2008.

In 2008, the people fell for the Soros-scripted bullshit, condemning all of us, Obamunists and rational adults alike, to four years in neo-Marxist hell. Since then, we were doomed to reap what they sowed: an empty suit who thinks he's the Marxist Messiah. The winds of change meant saying 'Night Night' to your American dream of building a better life for you and your family. The winds of change meant saying 'Adios' to your standing as a first class citizen, while Third World invaders piss, moan, and take a dump on America's front lawn.

The winds of change meant there was a new Leader of The Pack: Messiah Barry and his brain-dead, mindlessly militant, O'Zombies. Who was on the losing end of this Faustian bargain? Every rational American adult who, foolishly, believes that their life, their liberty, their pursuit of happiness is none of the Nanny State's damn business.

By 2010, the initial shock had worn off. Shaking off the feeling that we just woke up in the middle of a Twilight Zone episode, rational adults - many of them in the TEA Party - made themselves heard by retaking the U.S. House of Representatives and robbing the Obamunists of their 'we can do what we want without you' majority in the U.S. Senate. It was a good start, but it was only a start.  After the disastrous mid-term election, Messiah Barry switched tactics. Ignoring Congress, he started ruling by decree. He, became, in short, a scrawny Hugo Chavez with elephant sized ears...

We have only three days left to save our country. Are there enough real Americans left to do it? We'll see...

Borrowed from the wild and patriotic minds at PIG...


Gabby Johnson said...

Forget the niggers and the chinks.
We don't want the IRISH

Ayn FingerPoot said...

Look. if we don't kill every last muslim, burn every last koran, imediately execute every last person that so much as remembers the word muslim or allah, then we will lose mo matter what. All the coons and illegals and the morons that vote for obama and that fukking goof biden won't make a shit of differance when a few dozen nukes start going off in americam cities. In fact they'll be first in line to be incinerated.

Anonymous said...


Sonoran Snorpht said...

Shpidie, did you say you quit drinking? Sheeeeeeit! I was thinking about inviting you to come out to enjoy the weather and cap a few illegals down by the border. But a one of my mentors once said "never trust a man who doesn't drink".

BTW it's 85 out and of course, not a cloud in the sky.

alan said...

Watched Gabby last night after all of our missions got canceled. Something about live ammo getting mixed in with blanks.

Without a doubt a classic piece of comedic cinema. don't you wish we could see more of that schtick?

alan said...

BTW, vote early (I did)....and if you live in the right places, vote often.

Schteveo said...

I voted as Gibby Johnson.



I agree with the twisted minds at PIG. We're teetering on a precipice. We'll either come down safely, or were about to go careening into what will most likely be a civil war in the next 3 or 4 years.

If Obumble is re-elected, he'll start pushing stuff that would have scared the shit outta Woodrow Wilson AND Franklin Roosevelt had they been proposed to them. And it will, in my opinion, push too many people too far, too fast. And scared, hungry, pissed off people become a raging mob all, too, quickly.

Anonymous said...

Did any one see Blazing Saddles?



Shit Munkys

Spider said...

Yo brother Poots. I said i don't drink "as much" as i used to. I'd be proud to lift a few with you. I'd invite you our here, but i don't think even you have enough firepower for NYC. ;)