Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Path To Failure

This is a look at the republican party, from a man who, IMO, is one of, if not the, most brilliant Conservative mind our nation has to offer. (And the reason i no longer use upper case letters when writing "republican party" is because i have totally lost whatever respect i had for them)

The republican party, still quite bloody from their recent devastation at the polls and glaring weakness in congress, seems to think that bending over backwards to attract black and hispanic votes will somehow help them. And by hispanics, they of course mean the 20-30 Million illegals who will soon be legal, thanks in part to the help they're getting from establishment republicans like the gutless RINO from AZ., Juan McLoser and his limp-wristed pal Lindsey Graham. It's a philosophy i don't understand, nor agree with. The votes they're after are basically people who have been totally addicted, or are in the process of being addicted, to the endless stream of govt. handouts created and supplied to them by left-wing Demoncrats. And there's nothing republicans have to offer them that's going to break that addiction.

Personally, i see no future for the republican party unless they were to dramatically change their way of thinking and doing, and that ain't gonna happen. They are paralyzed by fear and impotency, (giving us Romney proved that ) at a time when they are facing an increasingly vicious Demoncrat enemy, and a full-blown Marxist president who has clearly decided to totally annihilate them...


Nukes Dem KokSukkaz said...

Like I said before, N Korea and Iran hold the success of conservatism in thier hands.

If only Kim Jung wuodl take nuke LA and Frisco and Mukkmood would do DC and NYC, then we coudl just burn chicago to to ground (again) and this ocuntry woudl have a good chance at starting ver.

Schteveo said...

First let me say, I think the GOP should be dead, gone, done, HIZ-TOE-REE. The word useless doesn't come close, and at the point where the EX-POTUS Candidate, comes out and says, he 'probably' didn't do well, because he didn't really want the job...the Party Members / Party Voters should have been outside the RNC Headquarters in D.C., with pitchforks and torches, looking for the top 15 or 20 people in that building, hoping to chase the cocksuckers towards an abandoned windmill, so they could set it on FIRE!

Screw that idiot Romney. He just let his ego overload his ability. If we were all burned for that, the world would be a smokey, smokey place.

But the dumb sons of bitches that VETTED him, should have SEEN this shit. I've done hiring / firing. You can tell who WANTS the job and who doesn't, Romney didn't and it showed. How many easy balls did The One lay in there that Romney didn't even swing at, much less hit? The ass hats at the RNC screwed all of us by pushing Romney.

I do not agree with this, "...totally addicted, or are in the process of being addicted...". That's not who they're looking for, they're looking for those African-American and Hispanic voters, who aren't aligned, who keep jumping ship from the (R), because guys like Herman Cain, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum get hung out to dry for CRITICIZING the Right Side of the Aisle. They're looking for working, middle-class, family people who aren't white. But they ONLY want them on Voting Day. Those people don't see, yet, that the ass hats at the RNC treat ALL of us like that.

So, IMNSHO, the problem isn't those swing voters, it's the dumb SOB's at RNC.

The addicted, sliding, newly sliding aren't all (D)'s either. I know plenty who are pissed at the way things are, but they'll never vote to the Left. Many of the sliders newly enrolled don't vote, because thy think it doesn't matter.

Given the last two people set out to take on Obama, I can't truly disagree with them.

Some wise man once said...

Eat me

Spider said...

Steve, if that's who they're chasing, those are just about enough votes to fill a VW Beetle.

Both the repubs and Demoncrats know there will be an amnesty and they're both going after that very large block of potential voters. And whoever gives them the most free stuff will get their support. It's the very same tactic they used (and still use) on blacks.

1 Wize Poot said...




Zum Azz Kappa said...

Bottom line be...

we gotz capp zum


Spider said...

From the worlds most arrogant elitist:

"Government has right to infringe on your freedom..."

Schteveo said...

We'll have to agree to disagree.

Schteveo said...

Oh, it's way past time for that MFer Bloomberg to shut his pie hole.