Sunday, March 10, 2013

Final, Total, and Incontrovertible Proof that the MSM has LOST its Collective MIND(S)!!

I'm 58.  I remember a lot of things about my teens, and I remember them well.  One of the things I remember quite well was the MSM's outright and open loathing of Richard Nixon!  They hated Nixon like few men in history have been hated.  I don't know WHY they hated him so much, but I think they hate Nixon with the same kind of fervor with which they love Barrack Hussein Obama.  Having said that, I bet you'll find it odd, that 19 years after Nixon's death, they've found something they LIKE, maybe even love, about the man.

Nixon wished for total handgun ban

Few presidents in modern times have been as interested in gun control as Richard Nixon, of all people. He proposed ridding the market of Saturday night specials, contemplated banning handguns altogether and refused to pander to gun owners by feigning interest in their weapons.

Several previously unreported Oval Office recordings and White House memos from the Nixon years show a conservative president who at times appeared willing to take on the National Rifle Association, a powerful gun lobby then as now, even as his aides worried about the political ramifications.

"I don't know why any individual should have a right to have a revolver in his house," Nixon said in a taped conversation with aides. "The kids usually kill themselves with it and so forth." He asked why "can't we go after handguns, period?"

Nixon went on: "I know the rifle association will be against it, the gun makers will be against it." But "people should not have handguns." He laced his comments with obscenities, as was typical.

Nixon made his remarks in the Oval Office on May 16, 1972, the day after a would-be assassin shot and paralyzed segregationist presidential candidate George Wallace. As president, Nixon never publicly called for a ban on all handguns. Instead, he urged Congress to pass more modest legislation banning Saturday night specials, which were cheaply made, easily concealed and often used by criminals.
Of all the cheap, crazy, moronic kinds of slavering insanity these MFers could muster, they co-opt their MOST hated human being of ALL time, to show how Gun Control really IS the thinking, caring man's point of view!  But, once again, they go after "X" when in all reality "Y" is the problem.

Nixon was worried about Saturday Night Specials, many people were, and rightfully so.  People were being murdered in many of America's larger cities, the ones with the stiffest gun laws just like the high crime areas now.  And the guns were the equivalent of $90 to $120 now, and there were tons of them.  But that being that case, why throw George Wallace' assassin, Arthur Bremer, in there?  He didn't use a Saturday Night Special on Wallace, he used a .38 Special Charter Arms Undercover snub-nosed revolver!  It cost $160 in 1972, and that's about $450 in 2013 dollars.  Hardly a cheap, throw down, pocket pistol, in fact my history search says it was considered by many LEO's as a good, small revolver, capable of professional, daily carry.

But following the Chicago Godfather's ethics, of never let a crisis go to waste, Nixon wanted his guys to look at the feasibility of taking ALL handguns, because Saturday Night specials were a problem in large cities and it's proved that those SNS's were a problem, because George Wallace was shot by a CERTIFIABLE CRAZY GUY with a fairly pricey, snub nosed police handgun.

Gee, doesn't that sound like the Newtown Massagre mentality?

The Left and the MSM want 'assault rifles' and 'large capacity magazines' taken off the shelves, because, Adam Lanza a CERTIFIABLE CRAZY GUY shot and killed 26 people and even though the reports NOW mostly say he shot them with a Bushmaster .223, when the Police arrived Adam Lanza shot and killed himself INSIDE the school, he reportedly had 3 handguns on him and he was dead by 10:00 AM.  Later, much later, after the sunset, which was at 4:24 PM that day, it was dark in the school parking lot where Lanza's car was,  we saw one of the LEO's take two long guns out of the trunk of Lanza's car.  So then, that's the official timeline as set by the CT LEO's and the MSM.  But, let me ask a question.

When did Adam Lanza put the .223 BACK in the trunk, so the cops could find it?

If Adam Lanza used the Bushmaster to shoot those people, HOW did the gun get back outside the school?  If the .223 was THE prime weapon used to kill those children, HOW did it get taken OUT of the trunk of the car, after 4:25 PM which is at least 6 1/2 hours AFTER Adam Lanza was dead?

Believe it or NOT I have the answer.

Adam Lanza shot those people, young and old, with handguns, not the dreaded 'assault rifle'.  Going back to Nixon, Arthur Bremer shot Wallace with a good quality, reasonably priced hand gun, NOT a Saturday Night Special!  But both groups, our current crop of tormentors AND their most hated POTUS of all time agreed on a simple premise.

A lie told often enough, with the right conviction, with power of political office or power of repeatable media, becomes truth.

That very statement should chill the blood of every man, women or child over 12, to the point of pain.  It's the kind of collusion that allowed the Nazis to deport and murder 10 Million people, it's the kind of collusion that allowed the Russian Communists to starve, brutalize, transport and murder as many as 40 Million people, it's the kind of collusion that allows the Chinese Communists to THIS very day to continue to starve and manipulate for their own purposes, untold MILLIONS of people since the end of WWII.

And it's the kind of collusion that our Founders knew could or would happen to us, that pushed those men of near genius to add to our Constitution the following words,
As passed by the Congress:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Huh?  Perhaps I misunderstood the meaning?  No, Nixon and his minions, and the Leftists in the White House don't f%^king get 'it'!  And they don't get it on purpose.  And if people like this don't quit pushing these lies, they WILL get it.  They will get it, and God forbid this ever happen, they will get it at high speed, in calibers ranging from.22LR to .50 Caliber.

But all this misses the point as it addresses the firearms.

It wasn't just a gun, gun size, barrel length, specific caliber, nor a 20, 30, or 100 round magazine that killed those children.  The same goes for ALL the mass murderers, all the serial killers, all the 'fame' killers, it's not the guns that are killing these people.  The killings are being committed by CERTIFIABLE CRAZY PEOPLE.  As I said above, they're, supposedly, trying to solve problem "X", when the true, real and hidden problem is "Y".

Guns don't commit mass murders, CERTIFIABLE CRAZY PEOPLE commit mass murders, and IMNSHO, even Nixon missed that one!!


Spider said...

In fact, the earliest reports from Newton, CT. (did) acknowledge that those kids were shot "with handguns", and that his mothers Bushmaster was later found in the car. The left instantly knew they were going to use the incident for their anti-gun crusade. They also knew that an attack on handguns would be an uphill battle because of the 2nd Amendment, so they went after the Bushmaster, which had nothing to do with the crime. That's probably why we still haven't heard any facts from the autopsies.

As for Nixon: IMO, he was a good POTUS, although he did have his "nutty" side, which is one of the reasons the Left hated him so much. He was a real conservative, a bit nutty, and he had balls, meaning the Left couldn't control him. And that's something the Left/MSM doesn't like. They targeted him from the first day he walked into the Oval Office.

What made bringing him down so tough for the Left was the fact that Nixon had a "pit bull" watching his back. That pit bull was, Spiro Agnew, his VP. ( The Left knew they could never get to Nixon while the very tough, savvy, and fearless Agnew was there, so they went after him first. The Left always saves their most vicious hatred for those they fear the most, and at the time, that was Agnew. Unfortunately, the rest is history. At the time, i was one of the people who truly believed Agnew would've made a far better president than Nixon for that era.

During those years, the so-called "Saturday night specials", (cheap handguns) were everywhere, and violent crime was very high. (trust me, it was) It was the public pressure which prompted Nixon to call for the gun ban. He was the "law and order" president and had a genuine hatred for criminals, mostly because the very liberal courts were turning them loose faster than we could arrest them. Every punk on the street had one. If you checked my locker back in those days, you would always find several of them that had been "confiscated" on the street.

A. Levy said...

Something else you don't/won't often hear about Nixon. Even though he was the President, he was one of the very best, and most knowledgeable, foreign diplomats this country has ever had. His visit and dealings with China proved that.

srk said...

I find it very hard to believe....that you're merely 58

Spider said...

LOL!! How could so much wisdom be compiled in so few years?

Schteveo said...

But Spider, go back and look at the reports that exist as the public record. There's no 'record' of that being said not that day, nor the next. And there's audio / video of the GD'd coroner SAYING his exam 'showed' the AR-15 was the gun used. [as if the P/T coroner in podunk CT would know one GSW from another]

The retracted 'record' of the handguns being the deadly weapons is buried in a 'correction' on page F-22, on Saturday, right between the home foreclosures and the tax liens and in car loan default announcements, so that no one EVER sees it.

And the lying MSM maggots do it on purpose!

Schteveo said...

As for Nixon, he was a great POTUS. He was, as many of us flawed in some ways. But if I was to give my opinion of Nixon's idea, here it is.

Read the transcript, he said why do they need "HANDGUNS?" I understand that he had great people working for him. Many would, and did, sacrifice their lives for the country. And this is where I think the Left continues to get it wrong, they didn't do it FOR Nixon, because he didn't do what he did for himself.

They didn't do it for an Ideology, the did it for the Country, they believed in the Constitution and were quite literally fighting a huge threat to that country and set of laws, Communism. It was an external threat then, or so we thought for the most part, it's an internal threat now, for anyone to see if they'll just look. I remember enough and I've read enough to know that Nixon was probably in over his head. He ran his WH like a ship, he was a Naval Officer after all. He had a good XO, Agnew. He had good Division Officers and good men under their commands.

IMHO, I think they hate Nixon for ACTUALLY extracting us from the Viet Nam War. They loved Jack Kennedy, then they hated LBJ, then deeply hate Nixon, all over Nam and the money / lives spent over there. If Lyndon Johnson had just stopped the war and brought the troops home, I don't Nixon would have gotten elected. Too many people thought electing Humphrey, was just re-electing LBJ, so those in the middle politically voted Nixon.

Then Nixon alternately fought the war to WIN or when not fighting for a 'stand still', he at least fought to drive the North Vietnamese to Paris. The Left, especially those who were driving for control then, who ARE in control now at the DNC, certainly didn't want to be fighting people they saw AS thier Leftist, radical socialist brethren!

Schteveo said...

[wrong button alert!!]

But in the end, Nixon DID get us out of the war, AND he DIDN'T go after guns, so the Left doubly hated him. But he didn't go after guns because he saw that it would go against the 2nd Amendment. Those guys were old style lawyers, they KNEW the law, they didn't want to change the Constitution to serve their needs.

I did hear what you said about those cheap guns. But what little spotty research I did showed precisely the same shit we've got now partner. The cities with the 'toughest' anti-gun stands, were the ones who suffered the most under those $25 pistols, and for the same reason we see guns in those cities being used daily.

If the criminals, guys who ALREADY break the law, know that there's a good chance MOST of the populace is unarmed, they get bold! They shoot first, and run, screw the questions! For me, at the end of the day it breaks down to numbers. In places where 'criminals' know they've got a 99% chance that the other guy is not armed, they just shoot that guy. Where I am, we've got about 3% of us with a CCH, and street crime is down 30%.

Only the Leftist hand wringers can deny the way the numbers work out. And what about the people dead or maimed that ARE the numbers?

Spider said...

Hey bud, are you surprised that "the record" doesn't show they said it was handguns? I personally heard that reported on NY1 News the day it happened. By the next day of course, the spin machine was already in operation.

Also, i personally have not seen or heard "an official" report from the coroner up there. Three days after the shooting, someone from the ME's office, in answering a media question about "the results", gave the standard, and expected answer, "it's too soon".

B of W said...

Nixon f'd up the economy more by taking us off the gold standard completely and his wage / price freezes. Bad Dick. Bad.