Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fuck the Pope!

OK, now that I have your attention, I'm proposing two news headlines from this week's news cycles.  And then I'll explain WHY.

Number 1,  New Pope Elected from Conclave in Rome!
.Number 2, Scientists find God Particle!
But here's what they should say, given the MSM, and their typical Left Wing views.
Weak Minded boobs elect New Pope!
Flash!!  People who don't believe in God, decided to run this article from last year, because even though they don't believe in God, it PISSES them OFF that somebody else DOES!  We just want to Fuck with the Pope's news coverage!
Yeah, that's long, but it makes the point as I see it.  First off, the title is a throw away to drive people to read this.  I wish the Pope well, and I hope he can live a long, healthful, productive life.  I hope he can turn the American Catholic Church branch around and save it from its problems.
Now, to the MSM.  It has been my experience that almost any time the MSM is forced into running a 'pro' religion story, that doesn't have a Muslim angle, they run some kind of 'opposing' idea along with it.  It's along the 'we report, we tell you what to think' thing that they do so well.  I think it shows the Left's disdain and outright hate of anyone or anything, that doesn't have a Muslim angle, that smacks of a belief in God(s).  What I find funniest of all is their love of these Higgs boson stories.

They think it proves that there is NO God.  Why have God if you've got the very particle that proves he's not needed, right?  I've heard one or two even say the Higgs boson explains HOW the Universe came to be from some really small particle, that then blew up and continues to expand outward for after almost 14 Billion Years, spreading matter as it goes. 

But they never question WHERE that original infinitesimally small came from for the Big Bang to happen!

I don't know any Christians who wish to see the MSM pushed aside for JUST their views.  Most of us believe, as Americans, in Freedom of Speech AND Thought.  I don't know anyone Jewish who wants to shut down or silence the Lefty media.  Too bad this isn't a two way street.

There are among Christians, and Jews too I believe (any help here would be appreciated), two schools of thought on Genesis.  One believes that God created the Universe LITERALLY in 6, 24 hour days, that's the New Earth side.  The other side is the Old Earth side, and believes that God created the Universe, but that God's 'day' in Genesis is not minutes, or hours or days long, but whatever length God wanted it to be.  Either way God is involved and God created that small particle in the beliefs of believers, and believing scientist will tell you that there is rarely, if ever, a large explosion, without a huge flash of light.  The Big Bang is thought to be the largest explosion ever, the MSM and the Left just refuse to believe that what set it off were the the words, Let There Be Light.

But at the end of the day, they'll take every chance to shout down ANYTHING positive about God, churches, synagogues, and any religious people, that doesn't have a Muslim angle.  And like this week, even when they must print something, they'll offset it with articles like this, that spreads the idea that God isn't out there and that He isn't necessary.



Spider said...

Since the majority of atheists are from the Left, along with the MSM, we can see why the MSM is always against God, Christianity, and those who believe in both. It's simply part of the ongoing, and now raging, culture war in this country between the Left and the Right. And, it's a war we are losing badly.

As for the MSM and free speech, i'm one who believes that today, the MSM is no longer in the business of reporting the news. They are now "active and aggressive" political operatives, and therefor, should not be entitled to the almost limitless First Amendment protections they enjoy, and abuse.

I for one would rather have no MSM, than have one that spews nothing but lies and propaganda, and actively "interferes with" the political process.

B O W said...

The Higgs Boson has nothing to do with proving or disproving the existance of G-d. What it's confirmation does is support the current theories of how the Universe works.

Schteveo said...

I won't disagree with that at all. I by no means buy into this 'no God' crap. And I'm leaning to the side of Higgs boson being the 'glue' of the Universe.

My point was that media goofs and many atheistic scientists are pushing the theory / thoughts, that Higgs boson 'proves' the Big Bang happened spontaneously. I'm just sick of their anti-religious shit, and this one drove me over the edge.


Unlike the MSM crowd, I know who mixed the glue.

Spiritu Sanctu said...

Fuck The pope?. Not going to fuck that old aids infested gay cum bag.


O Nooo et donet. El SHHHteverino..... EEtz jus a Shtandard Model Heeegz wit der 126M Erecton vultz ant etz no de Suppa Simmitrikal Heegz. Eet an dee Shatndurd Model shays dat mass shtabilizes dee Univrse und der shud bee no moe Beeeeeg Bannngz.


Senor Shtring Theroy said...

An de honly Shupper Shtringz Tearry ez going to be frum whens u shawallo de Tomponz and get de shtruingz shtuck en yer teeeth

BosOnW said...

I think it's also another misconception that the Universe was infinitesimly small. That would require something in which to measure it against and an outside observer. Physicists can't articulate well enough a concept of all matter, energy and spacetime not existing before the Big Bang (or creation) in everyday terms since there is no way to really explain that concept to most people.

Schteveo said...

By 'small' I mean MUCH smaller than now, or just then, or.....THEN, because it's getting larger as we speak. And I've heard and read that the 'universe' pre-Big Bang could have been as small as just HALF the diameter of our solar system. Or, even as small as a grain of sand.

The theories are muddy as to that original size, because physicists are working with incomplete data. They can only estimate the rate of increase vs the mass involved, so they're missing important numbers to reverse the equation.

Screw the size of that universe. I want to know something really important, I want somebody to figure out how many angels can dance on the head of a pin! (snark, snark)

B O W said...

There is no "size" since not even space existed. Not a vacuum. It's a difficult concept to imagine so that space itself was not measurable, therefore, can't say size was large or small. In fact one can just as easily say it was enormous since the Universe was filled compltetly since it's origin

Schteveo said...

Billy O,
I agree with all that, ergo the huge difference in size. It JUST occurred to me that YOU and I are arguing the PHYSICS of the Big Bang Theory as the Creation of

Something, if I'm not mistaken, neither of us believes in, from a Scientific level nor point of view.

Anybody got a fork, I'm done.

BOW said...

We don't even know if time is actually a constant in a Universe consisting of the 3 spacial dimentions we perceive as humans, and the extra physical dimensions, including time. As the "fabric of space" expands, does time remain constant, or even relative to this "space"? Can time be accurately measured over long periods of time? We say that the Universe is expanding because he differences in how long it takes for light to reach us from distant galaxies, depending on the amount of redshift in the light, as doppler effect. But is that really all there is to it?
Now, with all that, Big Bang is not an accurate description of the creation event, even given the current theory dubbed the Big Bang. And that theory, although well supported, especially with the inclusion of the Higgs Boson, is subject to diametric shifts in the future, just as the Steady State theory has.
All these theories neither prove nor disprove a G-d. And one's interpretation of G-d is as much individual, or moreso, than a group conjecture as to what is G-d is neither supported nor negated by science. They need not be mutually exclusive depending on one's personal relationship with G-d.

Schteveo said...

I'll agree with the last paragraph, totally.

Now the very fact that we have only our own perception of time and our own methods of measuring it from split second to split second, it's easy to miss any actual differences over a lifetime I would think. I think it might be easy to get fooled into thinking that time as we see it the way time always was or will be.

I also think that so long as Science chases Creation, they'll change the what, where, when, how, how much, etc. It's what Scientists do. And in 100 years people probably will look back at us and think we were pretty gullible to fall for that silly 'Big Bang' foolishness. In 500 years we will DEFINITELY look to those future people the way people from the 1600's look to us. Silly and uninformed.

I remember having a conversation with my friend John who was our small church Pastor at the time. I said I think that the Universe is both infinitely large AND small at the same time. I think it goes up and out, and down and in, like a fractal.

People once thought the Earth and Moon was all there were and they didn't understand the Solar System, then we took in the Solar System, them science went further and further out, and we keep 'looking' further out.

The same thing with going smaller. Cells, molecules, atoms, sub-atomic particles, sub-sub-atomic...but how far does it go? Is the Higgs boson made up of sub-Higgs boson particles?

I said God made it infinite in both directions, that as time goes on, we just get smart enough to detect that stuff. John asked me why can't God just be putting that next level out, AS we get there. Or, tying back to your idea of time being 'fluid', we know God can do whatever, in whatever 'time frame' he chooses, what if we don't understand that Creation is going on as we speak, we just can't perceive how it can be completed in the past AND happening NOW too.

Them he says he just tying me in knot. He's really a Young Earth guy and the Earth is only 4K to %k years old.

My head hurts now and I thought I quit all this yesterday! The only time I really care about right now, is the time I'd like to use for sleeping. I'd almost be willing to kidnap the Pope to get 8 hours sleep, 5 nights in a row!

alan said...

I always enjoy the arguments between science and religion. To my uneducated religious zealot mind they are hilarious.

Ok, maybe my BS in aeronautics and duel grad degrees in business and history don't qualify me for "uneducated" and I am a zealot to the point that I believe that every person should be given just enough rope to hang themselves before God, angels and earthly witnesses...anyway.

I definitely qualify as an "old earther" There is too much evidence that we are able to test that shows other wise. On the other hand, In the last 6,000 odd years we have learned that there are more elements than just earth, fire, air and water; the spot of ground that I am standing on at the moment is not in fact the center of the universe, and that smearing horse manure on an open wound in order to "bring the puss" does not infact prevent infection.

That being said, I propose two givens:

One - God created the universe.
Two - Science is a good way to get an idea of HOW He did it.

Until we find a billion years in the fossil record of plant-imals making the transition from one to the other, I will be sticking to a "God's biology/chemistry lab" scenario.

Reel Scientist said...

you guys need to Fuck The Pope and talk to a real scientist

alan said...

just keep on fishing there "Reel" scientist. let us know when you "reel" in some actual proof of anything.

Until then, everything that "science" discovers just reinforces my belief that there is God.

Logic tells me that even over 13 billion years, statistically, we shouldn't have 1/1,000,000th of the diversity of life that we do on this planet. I vote for design and planning.

alan said...

and as far as the Pope....I'm not a big fan of him either, but I respect his beliefs.