Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I want to APOLOGIZE for the title of my last Posting

After reading the following article, I want to APOLOGIZE for the title of my last Posting.  I want to apologize quite simply, because I used the word 'color', without saying that I think African-Americans are marvelous people, that the world doesn't run correctly without them.  And I also want to apologize for my skin and for not properly remembering that I have ALL I have, not from my hard works, but it's ALL due to my White Privilege.  I truly hope the good people of Philadelphia are reading this, to know how sorry I am for even writing that evil word, COLOR, without a nearby apology.

Now that I'm back from throwing up, I'll continue with the REAL story.

In Philly last week, the Philadelphia Magazine ran an article written by author and Philly resident Robert Huber, in which he told how he FEELS in certain parts of the city.  But he made two serious mistakes.  First he actually said that black people in certain areas make him 'feel' uncomfortable or even AFRAID.  He also said that there are areas of Philly that are populated by black people who 'look' dangerous.

Here's the original article.  You really should read this, so you get where he was going.  As a guy with white skin [mea culpa] I get what he meant, been there, felt that, but back to the feel of this story.......



It's so bad, people are demanding retractions, apologies, FIRINGS and the Mayor has launched, an 'investigation'.  I'm not really sure, how you go about 'investigating' what someone 'feels'.  But if you do that, or imagine that you should or that you can launch such an investigation, isn't that damned near the definition of George Orwell's 'Thought Police'?

WHY is it that it's stereotyping to say what you 'FEEL', but NOT stereotyping to jump his WHITE ass and say he's a RACIST because HE's afraid and feels that!?  Probably for the same reason saying NIGGER, in a fight is racist and a criminal act, but saying NIGGAH, about 25 times in a song is art and protected by the 1st Amendment, and by 6 body guards and lawyers working for WB Records!

This, to my white ass, proves yet again that the people on the Left, and many African-Americans, Blacks, People of Color, Negros and whomever they want to be called [I've lost track] don't want a 'dialogue' on race, they want a DICTATION, that is to be repeated back.  They want a chorus, like the voices of a 3rd Grade Class, repeating their Times Tables.

1 time we ALL owned slaves

2 times the country fought, and even after they were freed, we kept 'em down.

3 times I 'felt' afraid in a part of town where I was a minority, simply because of my WHITE skin.

And so on.  Personally I think Mr. Huber missed the mark by a MILE or TWO.  I've been to Philly.  I've been to NYC, and Boston, and Hartford, Newark, Baltimore, LA, Chicago, Denver, Nawlins, Atlanta, Miami and frankly, right now I can't think of a large American city I have NOT been in.  And here's the overriding truth of 'race' in the North, South, East, West, Northwest, southeast, blah, blah, blah......

I see less 'race' crap happening in the Rural South than any place I've ever been in.  That red neck, KKK, string 'em up South where Dr. King was sprayed with hoses and arrested.  That same South where Rosa Parks was arrested and set off the Civil Rights movement for many Americans.  The same South where the bodies of men named Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney were buried in a dam by the Klan, has LESS talk of race, skin color and 'da man' on a daily basis than ALL the cultured, high class cities do in an hour.

I've found more racism IN those cities, but it's not black / white racism.  Every 'ethnic' group dislikes, or outright hates many of the others.  Watch a show about the 'people' or history of any of the big, cultured cities surrounding 'flyover'.  Half the dialogue is about how PROUD they are to be Polish, Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, Russian..blah...blah...friggin' blah.  And many of them HYPHENATE their allgiance to America.  Polish-AMERICAN, Irish-AMERICAN, , Italian-AMERICAN,Asian-American, AFRICAN-AMERICAN.  But for God sake don't say the following aloud, guinea, spic, hunky, coon, wop, chink, slope, unless of course you ARE a guinea, spic, hunky, coon, wop, chink, slope.  Then, it's OK.  Bullshit, it's STILL a form of racism, and some of it SCARES people of the OTHER stupid, fucked up racial groups!

So the guy felt afraid.  BFD, he's human.  Fear is a human emotion.  At times we are all uncomfortable in certain areas of the world.

I've felt the same thing, standing in a gas station full of WHITE red neck farmers, all looking at my long hair, and my beard and my motorcycle. then REAL abject fear, when one of them grabbed my hair and said,  "...snip, snip...".

But I don't think ALL farmers are like that.  I don't think all country gas stations are filled with guys like that.  And Mr. Huber didn't say that he thinks ALL African-Americans, Blacks, People of Color, Negros and whomever they want to be called, are bad people, who pimp, whore or sell drugs.  He simply didn't say that.

But EVERYONE who defends him will certainly be painted AS a racist.  And isn't THAT the definition of racism?


Spider said...

I've been traveling down South since the mid 70's. And i've stopped in many of those out-of-the-way, off-the-main-road coffee shops down there at 3 and 4 a.m. and never felt uncomfortable. Of course, the FL. tag on my car may have had something to do with my "acceptance". They do look at you "differently" with a NY plate on your car, and i don't blame them.

Also, there's not a black neighborhood in NYC that i haven't worked in and spent time in, and i can tell you without a doubt, that the most racist people i've met are, black. I also learned that, a) there's a big difference between niggers and black people. They're not all niggers. And b) niggers come in all colors. Yes, even White.

Also, generally speaking, blacks are the only people you ever hear talking about race. And, they are the only ones who (use) their race, and that's because it's what they've been taught by the Demoncrats and bleeding-heart liberals.

Another factor that, IMO, has made race a major issue in recent times is, the election of the Muslim-in-Chief. He has been playing and pushing the race card since he first entered politics. He has done everything he could to divide and incite the races, and it's all simply to get their support. Believe me, Obummer doesn't see himself as being a real black, just as blacks don't see him as being half White. They simply use each other.

Welfare krack Ho said...

Ain't all kullud people's be niggaz. Jes dat shatictikkly, eff youz wuz to rollz de dice, wutchu tink youz gunna getz? A muddafukkin gemmimanz or sum krack fukkin pimpin shifty muslim mutha?

Wutchu dink yew tax payin, honest hard woikin fool?

Calypso LouiePoot said...


Not only white ... but half white as well.

I guess that covers both of those shifty marxist fukz.

Schteveo said...

I'm not going to disagree about the racism of the majority of black people.

Down here that white being niggers if called 'whiggers'. It's the lowest of the low, and even low class blacks give them the cold shoulder.

The dick-head - in - Chief doesn't see himself as black or white. AS with all the Leftists he just sees himself as being Superior, Elite, God Like. Did I say God 'like'?

He, I think, sees himself AS a God.

Which is scarier still, to see yourself as a God is over the top. I think the longer he's in power, the more delusional he gets.

Again, dee-loos-yun-ullll.