Friday, March 15, 2013

Hollywood can't 'understand' the popularity of, "The Bible".

Here's a SHOCKER, the powers that be in Hollywood are stymied by the success of History Channel's, mini-series, "The Bible".  I found several articles along this line.  but I used this because I had t pulled up..

The simps.
Sure, it’s easy to criticize Hollywood, but try to remember that the entertainment industry today is an intellectually demanding environment, fraught with cognitively challenging, even intractable, questions, like, to take one recent example: How can the cable mini-series “The Bible” be such a ratings hit when there is no audience for overtly religious entertainment programming?

According to the latest Nielsens, released Tuesday, Sunday night’s telecast of “The Bible,” produced by husband-and-wife team Mark Burnett and Roma Downey for basic cable’s History channel, managed to attract more viewers than anything on broadcast network NBC … during the entire week. 

The second installment of this five-part mini-series airing at 8-10 p.m. Sundays through Easter — the first foray into scripted drama for “Survivor” creator Burnett — drew 10.8 million viewers, good for number one in its timeslot and number 11 overall for the week.

Even bigger was part one the week before, which amassed an audience of 13.1 million viewers, cable’s largest of the year. That series premiere topped the ratings for both of the week’s episodes of “American Idol.” (Not the first time the Almighty has bested idols in head-to-head competition in this ancient rivalry — but, still, an impressive feat, even if Fox’s longtime ratings juggernaut is showing signs of slippage.)
The article goes on, if you can read it's condescending tone [it pushes the point that last years 'Hatfields & McCoys had better ratings'] without ever really saying, that anyone who would WATCH "The Bible" is somehow unworthy of thought or consideration.

Oddly, just yesterday, I pointed out the MSM's / Entertainment Industry's outright hate of anyone or anything with religious ideals or messages.  And here we are again, 30 hours later, and I caught them at it again.  I hope God has a few thunderbolts laying around.

There are people in Hollywood who need them.

And for the record, is this statement even close to being true, "...entertainment industry today is an intellectually demanding environment...'.  That's not what I see.  I see a lot of reused plots, bad ideas and sex in plenty of places where it's not needed except to keep asses in seats at bad movies!


GOD said...

I can't understand the popularity of Hollywood.

Lou C. Fur said...

My bad

Schteveo said...

GET THEE behind ME!!!!

Schteveo said...

Lord, are you right!

Saten said...

Not enough pictures.

Adolf Wisenshtein said...

How odd of god
2 choose the jews

GOD said...

Except in gym class, where last chosen. I couldn't give them everything, so I gave them knowledge and goodness.

Should have given them oil and huge penises too.

Oy, not another goy said...

Live and learn!

Spider said...

"entertainment industry today is an intellectually demanding environment..."

Are they referring to all those totally mindless "reality" shows, the ones that have absolutely nothing to do with reality?

I would love to ask all those Commiewood execs if they shun, or give to the people, all the BILLIONS they made, and continue to make from, The Bible, (original) The Robe, The Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, etc.

Schteveo said...

The record clearly shows the Execs fight to hold onto ANY money, and how often do we hear about even stars having to fight for their Royalties?

It's been proven time and again that the Right donates, gives, tithes, etc., 8% to 15% of their income yearly, the average is just below 9%. The hand wringers who are ALWAYS about the poor, give a THIRD of that as a group! But they'll vote for guys like Obumble in a heart beat that will TAKE a few % points and let the gub'ment spread it around.

But oddly, the guys on the Right don't STOP giving their 9% when tax hikes come along, which puts the Left further behind. And which side do the Hollyweird Execs live in?

The low giving side, the Left!