Friday, March 1, 2013

Guns & Ammo

As many of us here know, ammo is becoming VERY, VERY, hard to come by. Might it have something to do with the fact that this Marxist govt. has purchased, or reserved, "over 1 BILLION rounds " of ammo in the last year? And most of it designed for handguns and close-quarter combat? Do you believe the fat dyke who runs the Dept. of Homeland Stupidity who said, (after the story was outed) "all that ammo is just for practice "? IMO, there are far too many shooters in this country to buy that lie. So why all the ammo? IMO, there are only two logical reasons for it.

a) to dry up the supply so that we can't get any. The Marxist's know they don't have much of a chance to erase the 2nd Amendment, so perhaps, they've decided on doing the next best thing. Guns aren't of much use without ammo. You can keep your guns, and we'll keep all the ammo.

b) perhaps one of the Obamunists in the WH actually asked the question, "what if we push the American sheeple too far? What if they actually reach the point where they start to push back? Shouldn't we be ready"?

Now personally, and generally speaking, i don't believe there's enough will left in the people to actually  push back in any meaningful way, let alone an armed uprising. What with all the abuse of power, lies, corruption, attacks on our freedoms and liberties, and Constitutional violations, i would think the people would have done it already. That they haven't sends a very loud message to this govt. And, when you have an egomaniac Muslim sitting in the Oval Office, you can almost hear him saying, "no problem. Keep pushing them...

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Schteveo said...

You're singing my song here...

"... to dry up the supply so that we can't get any."

This is the deal, overall.

"...What if they actually reach the point where they start to push back? Shouldn't we be ready"?..."
Being dyed in the wool socialists, they want to achieve "X" outcome. But fear that in doing so, they may REAP "A", "B", on through "W" by attempting tp gain "X". But they're way smart enough and good enough chess players that they are willing to use any situation, to gain "X". And in my mind, this proves it.

THEY are creating a situation where THEY are scaring the shit out of gun owners, and if the gun owners start to fight back out of fright, THEY will use it against the gun owners.

It's the kind of Machiavellian shit the Left accuses the Right of doing, while getting caught tongue kissing Machiavelli! The ass hats!