Friday, November 26, 2010

Crazy Idea? Or Is It?

What do you think of the idea of electing a small group of ordinary citizens, (hopefully they'll be citizens) and giving them the task of writing a new constitution for our nation? They would not be the professional political hacks, liars, and thieves that we're cursed with today, but everyday folks like us.

Our nation was built on the foundation laid out for us by our Founding Fathers, and worked very well until unelected judges started to tweak, manipulate, and distort the original intent of that document. In many cases, these judges actually made binding decisions, which we were all forced to live with and by, based on things that were nowhere to be found in that Constitution. Meaning, they invented "rights" based mostly on their personal political ideologies, or from pressure applied by relatively small special interest groups who's voices are heard over that of the majority.

We often hear those on the Left whining about how they want the Constitution to be a "living, breathing" document. What they mean of course is, they want a Constitution that they can change and manipulate whenever it serves their agenda. That would be great for them, but would make the rest of us pretty miserable, not to mention, really pissed!

So, what do you think of Iceland's idea? Crazy? Goofy? Undoable here? Or, since our original document has so little meaning anymore, has the time come that this is actually a rational idea?


Gobblin Poots said...

How bout we just kill all the fukiin liberals out there and just keep the one we have?

Maybe not as easy a solution but certianly more entertaining.

EAT ME.................................

BOW said...

Giblet's ideas are sound. The one (Constitution) we had until recently worked just fine until it got so twisted out of shape, the only thing to do is kill all the lawyers (Shakespeare's idea, not mine)

Now the Founding Fathers (not Framers, founders or TSA fondlers) were a much smarter and classically educated bunch than the armchair sitting, dope smoking, rump bumping, white flag waving, gerbil juggling, quiche eating, white wine shpritzter swigging, tree hugging, French loving, Muslim capitulating, spanish speaking, American haters such as we have today.

They gave us a Democratic Republic, not a democracy, in which each family, with a vested interest (property owner) had a say in how his / her property was to be determined to be used. And anyone who screwed with them would be shot on sight, or hanged if caught later, after a jury of their peers found them guilty.

I don't want these other "people just like us" to have a new "Constitution" where it will be 86 billion pages of how vegan spotted owls engaged in same sex marriages will be able to sue some farmer in the midwest for evicting them from the barn.

I say we reaffirm the Constitution we have, and when a judge, lawyer, foreigner or politician tries to alter it's meaning, we ship them to N Korea, Iran, Syria or France.

Spider said...

Well said Bill, but i also like brother Poot's idea.

Schteveo said...

Bill, we can't just kill all the lawyers. The correct quote is, " FIRST thing we do, is kill all the lawyers!"

And as grand a sentiment as that's been for 6000 years, lawyers only gain control when WE the PEOPLE allow it, regardless of who the "WE" are in the statement.

On to Poots' idea, and the topic.

I'd say they are over due in Iceland for a new set of rules. Several years ago their economic troubles were traced to their governmental agencies having WAY too much power and overlapping power at that. And I don't suppose it helps their plight, that they are a bunch of arrogant, racist, drunken assholes as a country.

Ever met an Icelander?

I had several buds in the Navy who had served there. To an man, and un-onnected they told the same stories. Young and old, arrogant, drunken, cocky (about what?), racist. In love with their Viking Roots even though most of their families came there in the last 200 years! One guy told me they were everything you hear about Frenchmen, "...except they know how to bathe!"

As to our tattered and shredded document...we've got about 2 years, maybe 3 at the outside, to get back to using it the way our founders intended. After that, I think there are just two words.

Tipping Point.

And I'm a Glenn Beck believer here. We're so fragmented as a society, the next revolution will be like the French Revolution, NOT like our ORIGINAL revolution.

Remember the Two B's of survival children.

Beans & Bullets!!

(You know, that would make a damned good t-shirt!! Put the first sentence on the front, with 'Beans & Bullets' on the back. Camo? Naw, too rednecky I think that way)

BOW said...

I was dead on!

Click my name.

Homer said...

mmmmm - gay vegan spotted owls - droooooooool

Lief EriksonPoot said...

I would let the Ice-Fags copy ours if they killed all the libs first.
Ya Hinga-Hinga Thurgon

Spider said...

Steve, you're so right when you say we're fragmented (divided) as a society, and that didn't happen by accident. The Left has worked very hard for decades to fragment us because as they believe, the "confused" are always easier to control. Unfortunately, they may be right.

Unlike Beck, i don't believe that we should just sit and wait for God to save us. God helps those who help themselves, and if we don't save ourselves and our country, nobody will. How? The political system we have must be changed because it has totally failed us. Every time we turn to it, (vote) it fails us again only worse than the time before.

And what system should we change to? I can't answer that because my idea of what's needed to put this country back on track would not fit in with the PC'ized mentality of many of todays Americans. But i can tell you this. Whatever system we use, it must adhere to our Constitution, as it was originally intended. The further we drift from that, (or get "pushed" away from it) the further we'll be from saving this country.

Schteveo said...

I don't think GB is sitting back waiting on God. He's very proactive and his Mormon faith requires preparation. His take on being non-violent, is twofold.

He is first and foremost fighting the image of right-wing, armed, rednecks hanging every nigger they can lay hands to. (it is the accepted view of the left about right wing, armed, anyone after all) We know it's BS, but I have friends who believe I'm the exception to the rule, by being a gun owning, right-wing, NON nigger hanger.

Secondly, and much more importantly I think. He is attempting to not wind up in court, behind some nut walking into a foreclosure hearing, shooting everyone in the room and declaring, in a EXCLUSIVE report, to Katie Cutiepie that, "...God told me to smite the wicked...OH, and Glenn Beck did too...".

He doesn't want to be hiring Judas Priest's suicide case lawyer!!

I don't think he makes any bones about the fact that he has money. food, and WEAPONS stashed in the basement. And I would NOT want to get between him and his family if SHTF. He may be a God fearing, praying, (current) advocate of non-violence, but if you tried to get his "stuff", or threatened his family with harm or hunger, he would fuck you up!.

Full on lead poisoning.

But I agree with you, and GB, that the fragmentation is intentional. Our house IS divided, ergo, easy to pull down. And I agree again with you and GB, that our need is to return to the Constitution. But I'm a fatalist at heart. It will be all too easy to return to it.

Most of the hand-wringers will be gone. Starved or killed by anyone who is evil, who had a gun. Afterward, they'll know their errors and vote accordingly.

But at the beginning we won't be able to hang all the robbers fast enough. If caught, they'll be hung or executed somehow. But they'll rule for some short period of time. Maybe even some months. But like the "Magnificent Seven", the campasinos WILL get guns WILL learn to use them and the "Calveras" of the area WILL get their rightful due.

Personally, I've got the local hanging tree picked out. Big oak out back, sturdy branch about 30' off the ground, ought to give a good "drop".

Spider said...

Steve, i'm not sure where you get that image of GB as the "weapons stashed in his basement" type. I must've missed something because i sure don't see that. Every time i tune in he's preaching that "only God can save us". Now don't get me wrong, i do believe in God. There have been "quite a few times" when it had to be Him that saved my ass. But as far as saving the country goes, it seems to me He's been busy elsewhere.

As for the image Leftists have of those of us on the Right, that will not change no matter what. They choose to see us as tobacco chewing, pick-up driving, toothless, gun slingers because it makes them feel superior. It's just one of the ways they avoid reality.

I'll say it again. IMHO, it's We The People who will/must save this country. And if God can find the time to lend us a hand, well, we're gonna need it.