Monday, November 22, 2010

Just a quick thought from an old MF'er

I completed my two week training today for my new IRS gig. I barely got through the damned thing because my computer went belly up today, in the midst of testing. Luckily I had a spare under the work bench.
Because of that, I went online just now and bought a new one. When the online receipt showed up in my e-mail, I looked it over and realized it is November 22nd. A day that used to mean something in this country.
Did any ONE of you hear the name John Kennedy today?
I know the answer to that. NO. Plain and simple the man is a danger to the modern, far left, socialist, big government loving Democrats. There is no way Obama, Reid or Pelosi want anyone thinking to themselves, "...maybe I need to do something FOR the country instead of trying to get something FROM the country...".
That concept is way, WAY to dangerous to have the idiots of the M-slime-M reminding the general public that the gub'ment DOES NOT supply life, nor goods, nor anything of worth!


Spider said...

The only important name i thought of today was my daughters. It was her birthday.

Schteveo said...

Tell her happy b'day for me please Sir. It was actually my paternal grandmothers birthday too.

She would have been 103 I think, or 104 says Tio Orso. Either way, both he and I remember this day, because it's both JFK's assassination day and Nan's b'day.

When we were kids, her b'day was always elebrated with a trip out to eat. And trust me, in 1963, that was a BIG deal in my family. For obvious reasons, we did not leave home that night. At the time, it seemed perfectly reasonable that my grandparents had a 'sleep over' that night.


We just thought it was a 'different' kind of party! It wasn't until years later that I thought,..."holy shit, they were at our house because NO ONE knew if that shot in Dallas was a prelude to WWIII!"
I'm starting a pool. A 'buck' per square. The sides of the grid are, 'How many JFK references heard". The other side is "Were JFK's 1000 days good for America, compared to America 2008 - 2012". I may run another was JFK bad for America, blah, blah, blah.

All predicated on November 22, 2013. The 50th Anniversary of JFK's death.

And every bit predicated on the assumption, (don't say it) that in 3 years we are all still alive, with algore's interweb working, electricity on daily and the freedom to use same at will.

C-Bug said...

There was an article in our paper about the cop, J.D. Tippit, that was also killed by Oswalt that day.

"Oswalt shot Tippit in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas 45 minutes after the president was killed."

Anonymous said...

Someone shot the airport?