Sunday, November 28, 2010

NYT should be closed, Publisher Prosecuted!!

The New York Times is out of control. Not like I didn't know that already. But the morons who make the decisions should be in jail. TONIGHT!! They've decided to publish all the leaked material the WikiLeaks @$$holes are putting online.
The Times believes that the documents serve an important public interest, illuminating the goals, successes, compromises and frustrations of American diplomacy in a way that other accounts cannot match.
But here's my question. If the guy who gave it to Wiki is in court, and the feds wanted to go after the Wiki guy too, given those items, WTF is keeping the NYT publishers out of court!? Or jail for that matter!
I'm just not sure how this isn't espionage. Would someone explain it to me. And I don't mean through a PC looking glass. I mean by the legal definition of espionage, how do the publishers escape legal action. In my feeble mind this action by the NYT IS them yelling "fire!", in a crowded theater, in that there is physical harm to be derived by the leaks, and printing the contents of said leaks.
You'll have to go look at the docs on your own. My linking to them would be wrong too, IMHO.


BOW said...

The Times should NOT be punished. Those who supplied the Times should be executed. Those who at the Times made such a stupid decision should be ostricised and shunned by the American people for....ever. Jane Fonda should face a firing squad.

Spider said...

Any minute now we'll be hearing the old and familiar, "you can't shoot the messenger" line from the NY Slimes. My response is always, "why not"?

Obviously, there are those who can commit TREASON, (it's not espionage) and get away with it because they hide behind (see: abuse) the First Amendment, and the NYT has become the leader in that group. The First Amendment does not protect one who shouts fire in a crowded theater, so how can it protect a for-profit entity from making public highly-classified material which will endanger hundreds, perhaps thousands during a time of war?

Would they still be protected if they decided to publish all our nuclear secrets, battle plans, and troop movements simply by saying "we're just the messenger"? (something they did at the start of the first Gulf War) I'm sure there are those who would say yes, they are protected, and should be. This is why i am of the opinion that there can be such a thing as too much freedom. I'm sure i'm not the only one who has seen too much of a good thing turn into a bad thing. All it takes is someone to abuse it.

BOW said...

I said executed, not prosecuted.

Schteveo said...

I'm with my partner Bill there. TREASON is an executable offense. Look it up in the Constitution, if you canb find a copy anwhere in America now.

Since the Rosenbergs, anyone know if there has been an execution for treason? Ithink not. Hell they didn't put that Walker @$$hole or his idiot squid son to death and they BOTH committed treason WHILE in uniform for pete sake!

Here's the order of battle.

ASSANGE the wiki-idiot, needs two small cal. bullets base of the brain.

PVT BRADLEY GAYASS WIKI-Lover needs to be tried, sentenced and HUNG per the UCMJ. (by next Fri, so we can all get on with our holiday shopping, my appologies to those celebrating Hannukah, I thought of this to late for you to enjoy the festivities)

PUBLISHERS and MAJOR DECISION MAKERS of the NYT should be tried and sentenced to death at the highest levels and 20 to 30 yrs hard labor for the rest. (sorry if you're a 57 y/o editor with bad heart, you should thought this through, enjoy your DAY of breaking rocks before the heart attack...fuck you traitorous ass munch you endangerd MY kid who is STILL fighting the war over fuck your life)

IF and I say IF becasuse it ain't gonna happen, IF wew would hang a few of these assholes, it might make the next ones think for a second and NOT give us away.

Spider said...

Personally, i make no distinction between those who steal our secrets and those who make them public, regardless of how much whining they may do about their roll as "simple messengers". I say put 'em all on the same gallows.

This is far from the first time we've seen treasonous behavior on the part of the MSM, nor will it be the last time. Unless they're made to stop, via "adequate" punishment, it will continue. I doubt our Founding Fathers intended the First Amendment to be used in a way that put this nation in serious peril.

If the Constitution puts limits on how much freedom the govt. has to do what it wants, and it does, (even though those limits are ignored) and even puts limits on how much freedom the people have, (and it does) then why should the press enjoy limitless freedom, which they manipulate, twist, and abuse on a regular basis?

srk said...


Times Square is named after the NY Times which used to have its offices and production facilities there. That was when the "Old Gray Lady" was what she was c/o Alfred Ochs.

It is only fitting that is where the scaffold should be erected. Right where that car bomber recently failed. BTW, Nickelodeon Studios is right there. I suggest airing the execution between "Dorat the Exploder" and "SpongeBob Queer Pants". Bet your little bastard will start to study without Rx for ritalin.

Spider said...

LOL! Right on!

Anonymous said...

So that is what she has in that backpack!