Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Middle East in a Nutshell

A primer:


Schteveo said...

Well leave it to Dennis Prager to cut to the chase and tell the truth about the Middle East!! That's not allowed. Who does he think he is, telling the truth? That's not riiigghhttt!

(I just went all Kevin Meaney there for a second...that's not rrriiiggghhhttt)

Anyone who is NOT anti-Israel knows the truth. Anyone who is anti-Israel won't listen to or believe the truth. Hell, I've asked lib friends of mine WHY they didn't get upset over JORDAN and EGYPT booting the 'palestinins' out of their countries.

The pat answer?

"That never happened!!", or "...well prove that that ever happened!!", or some lame crap like that.

I generally hit them with FACTS!!

Spider said...

The only lasting solution for the never-ending problems in the middle east is for us to vaporize the whole area and take all the oil. As for Isreal, they (must) destroy their enemies, or their enemies will destroy them. And listening to "this" govt. in DC will not help them to win.

Anonymous said...

TSA, n.

Staffed by the slime which lurks at the very bottom of humanity’s barrel, these Tyrants, Scumbags & Assholes are deliberately turning air travel into an experience that’s so vile, it qualifies as the newest circle of hell.

Schteveo said...

IF I ever have a fly on my forehead, I'm asking you NOW, don't kill it with a SLEDGEHAMMER!!

srk said...

Do you expect me to waste a bullet?