Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another War?

 History has shown us that the American people are always the last ones to find out that they're at war or under attack. And even then they don't always get it. We were still sending American steel to Japan while their planes, made with our steel, were attacking Pearl Harbor. It took about twenty years for us to realize we were involved in a religious war with radical Mooselambs.

Now, the mental midgets who run this country have discovered that we're being attacked by the ChiComs. (actually it was a private company that made the discovery ) No, not with troops, ships, missiles, or planes. They're a lot smarter than that. They're kicking our ass with, computers. They have hacked into, and gained access to, "every single system we have ", including civilian and top-secret military systems! Of course, we'd like to assume that the nitwits who rule us were aware of this. But with our elected clowns, you never know.

This private company not only tracked the cyber attacks to a specific building in China, but to the specific unit of the ChiCom army that runs it! (are ya paying attention CIA? ) That's right. We are under attack from the ChiCom army.

Now if i were running this country, my first official act, after designing my personal uniform that is, would be to tell the ChiComs that, since we owe you guys around $2 TRILLION in loans, the fine for spying on us is now, $2 TRILLION! In cash! Also, "every single thing" that is exported to the US by you guys will be "inspected" (see: VERY rigorously inspected ) for quality, and also taxed. But that's just me...

BTW, while the design for my uniform would be highly secret, i can drop a few clues to my good pals here. It will include a long black cape, a shinny black helmet, and a monocle...


Cowpill said...

We are not under attack, it is just undocumented access.

Schteveo said...

The big problem we have this time is that our 'enemy' has MORE manufacturing capability then we have. I'm pretty sure that this is the same kind of crap that killed the Roman Empire.

A great number of our youth are weak willed, weak minded and they all think they're too good to sweat. A blister on their hand or their heel would put them in a coma! And believe it or not I blame their idiot parents and grandparents.

Spider said...

Well Cow, that "undocumented access" goes a lot deeper than we're being told. As usual.

Schteveo said...

I think Spider may have missed your jibe at our 'friends' on the Left. Nothing is illegal with them, just 'undocumented', or 'less than optimal', or some other stupid weasel worded crap like that.

I think of a couple of things when I read this stuff.

First, I simply do NOT get the modern propensity to have anything 'secret', digitized, then placed on any system that is tied to an outside access. Having 'secrets' on a server or a computer tied to internet access is like having blueprints in cabinets or in top secret folders, in a top secret facility, in a HUGE vault, but the lock on the door is like your door knob and key set from Home Depot, like our homes. And there's only a guard there during business hours, Monday thru Friday.

What's the point of 'hiding' that intel if any punk who can pick a lock, can walk right in!?

And all a hacker is, comes down to him being an electronic B&E guy. 99% of people can't pick a lock or jimmy a window open. 99% of computer savvy people can't 'hack' servers, so that's how I see it. Basically it's an ignorant set up that is EASILY fixed by unplugging ALL the internet access to ANY secret data, military, basic government, or industrial.

The other thing I don't get is industrial companies NOT employing counter-hackers. It would be reasonably easy to set these bastards up. Snake them in with tid bits of good sounding intel, then let them hack into something blows their asses off the net. Some really heinous virus.

Beyond that, tell the Chinese that we won't pay them a MFing dime if they keep this up. Tell them we'll do 'Japanese Inspections' on every item they send into an American port. Chinese artificial Christmas trees will get off the dock in January, pool toys and swimming suits hit the stores in September, big screen TVs get to the stores the Monday AFTER the Superbowl or Daytona 500 or last game of the NBA playoffs.

Beyond that, tell them we'll default on the billions of dollars we owe them. Or tell them we'll ONLY pay them after a 6 month 'hold back' on servicing the debt. It just seems to me we COULD do more. But we've grown too many hand wringers and let them get into positions of power. And head hand wringer is their jug eared leader, in the WH.




Spider said...

Steve, with our govt. and our corporations, it's probably a combination of arrogance, and being so stupid as to underestimate the ChiComs. My money is more on the stupid part than the arrogance. It's times like this when we realize we're not nearly as smart as we think we are.

The ChiComs have been spying on us for a loooong time. If anyone were to check, they would find "far more" Chinese illegals here than Mexicans. How do you think they manage to make the "exact same" jet fighter a year after we introduce ours? That's after we spend decades, and hundreds-of-Billions creating it.

Then there's the question of, what's with our govt. that they're so afraid to hit China back, in any way, for decades of spying.

Spider said...

And here's more proof. We're loosing a war we didn't even know we were fighting!

Anonymous said...

da Nigga knows dat war. Nigga jus dont kare. En de fakt he be lubbin it.

Datr wut he wanna dew