Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That is one UGLY dog!!!

I'm not a full breed dog guy.  To me, a Heinz 57 is usually better in a family with kids or family 'life'.  Full breed dogs can be high strung, and in the case of THIS dog, they can be plain, old YOUG-LEE!
Banana Joe, a black dog with a monkeylike face, became the first affenpinscher to win Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday night. He defeated six dogs, one a Portuguese water dog on the same night that Bo, who is the same breed, watched his master, President Obama, deliver the State of the Union address.  
“He’s won a lot of big, big shows, but none like this one,” said his handler, Ernesto Lara, who held onto Joey, as he calls him, during a postshow news conference. 

Joey sat calmly, as if he could have gone back onto the floor of Madison Square Garden and taken on his challengers again. He stuck his tongue out as Lara answered questions. He didn’t appear to need any celebratory drinks or snacks. 
The article says 'monkey face', I think they've insulted monkeys!  He looks like he's been chasing parked cars.


Spider said...

I don't like watching that show because they look more like robots than real dogs. And i'm a "major" dog-lover.

Schteveo said...

They're just too perfect and pampered looking. Isn't that it?

Nukin'm Snorpht said...

Piss on the doggies.

I been thunkin and I beleive I'm starting to root for N. Korea and Iran as far as developing a cuople nukes each.

I figger dat if N. Korea could just nuke and take out San Fran and L.A., and Iran could vaporise DC and NYC (sorry Shpidie and Ron, but just call it the eggs/omlet theorum). The foisht thang dat wud happen is we would have to nuke both of them imediatley and automatically. That wud shut up China for a bit (give them a big sigh of releif really) and all the muslims would lay low for a genereationj or 3. Then w/o about 25 - 30 M liberals we could have some elections that could put this pathetic state of the US back on course.


NEWS FLASH. NEWS FLASH----- ----- ----------------------

I'm a big fan of "The First 48 Hours: Been watching foer years. and they just had the second W H I T E guy on that committed a crime.

Ho-ley fukkkkkkk

after watching about 600 episodes there was fihally a white guy. Most libs woudl call that racism. I call it statistics. 13% of the population (blacks) committ 82% OF ALL CRIME

Sucking My Cock said...

I got the latest DiceMan show on my DVR.

Pretty Fucking Good

Anonymous said...

Drop the goo Douche Man

srk said...

Heinz 57 goes on fries