Monday, February 25, 2013

Bring on the DRAFT!!!

I'm usually the guy who says women have NO business in the military.  I've said it at least a million times.  I'm not a proponent of a small number of women living around or working in ANY place where they are outnumbered 9.5 to 1. 

But when I say that women shouldn't be in the military, I say it from two other stand points as well.

We currently do NOT get the best and brightest women for the military.   Far from it in fact.

And we don't make allowances on the FRONT END for women in our military.  They are and have been tolerated, at best.  Were we to add them en masse, and set the situation so that they could succeed in it, learn from it, and contribute to our overall welfare, then I'd be ALL for it.

My dream situation is seeing the first necessary step.

Tennnnnn-hut, ladies! The next time Uncle Sam comes calling, he's probably going to want you, too.

The Obama administration's recent decision to lift the ban on women in combat has opened the door for a change in the law that currently compels only men between age 18 and 25 to register for a military draft, according to legal experts and military historians.
Never before has the country drafted women into military service, and neither the administration nor Congress is in a hurry to make them register for a future call-up. But, legally, they may have no other choice.
It is constitutional to register only men for a draft, the Supreme Court ruled more than three decades ago, because the reason for registration is to create a pool of potential combat troops should a national emergency demand a rapid increase in the size of the military. Women were excluded from serving in battlefield jobs, so there was no reason to register them for possible conscription into the armed forces, the court held.
IF we are going to register the 18 y/o boys, then you've got to register the girls too.  And yes I indeed am old enough to say boys / girls of someone who was not yet 18 until today!  Now, here, as before, is what we SHOULD do.

Everyone in the country, who is eligible to vote should be required to do at least 2 years of Federal Service, somewhere between 18 and 28, unless you are in Med School, then 34 is tops.  I do NOT mean the military, we should set up some sort of Peace Corps for inside the country.  There are tons of jobs missing warm bodies in the country right now.  And some jobs that shouldn't take an adult with a F/T salary with benefits either!

I'll go so far as to say that jobs that are tougher than others might count more than one days credit, for just one days work.  But those positions must be worked into, or that applicant should be able to do the job from day one.  That way some people get training, but others with training get to use it.

My reasoning has always been we SHOULD all do something for the country.  Anyone who DOES some kind of work generally appreciates and wants to take care of that 'thing' they were a part of and last, I always was of the opinion that if two cultures as diverse as the Soviet Union and Israel can make such a system work, certainly WE can also.  And maybe, just maybe we can turn this shit wagon around and make something of America's youth again!


Schteveo said...

WTF, I'm totally surprised that no one read this yet. I thought I'd get some violent reactions on this.

My wife most be talking to everybody in here, it looks like I was TOTALLY wrong!


Spider said...

Not so fast bud. Personally, i've always held two opinions on this subject. First, since women are always whining about "equality", (and they do, but only when it's convenient for them) then they should be drafted along with men if the draft is reinstated.

On the other hand, having women in combat would, IMO, only endanger our warriors. For example; I saw what happened to the NYPD when "diversity" replaced commonsense and women were put out on the streets of NYC and were expected to do the same things male officers were expected to do. Have you ever seen a 5' tall, 100lb. female try to subdue a 6'6, 295 lb. hold-up guy who doesn't want to be subdued? I have. It doesn't work, and for a rather simple reason.


Now i know that's going to really rile the radical lesbian feminists out there, but facts are not always pretty, nor are they always convenient and politically correct. Fact is, far more females in the NYPD are injured in the line of duty than are male officers. Fact is, more male officers are injured when they have female partners as opposed to male officers who have male partners. And no, facts can not be sexist.

Schteveo said...

I'm not going to disagree with that size thing, I remember the pic of the MIDGET lesbian cop! What's she gonna do against a 6'5" crack dealer?

Bite him on the crank and slap her fur lined cuffs on him!?

But we had grown men, who were drafted, went to the Induction Center and got that old 4F Ticket. Some guys got into the military from the draft and couldn't do the job for physical or psych reasons.

They were considered and should be considered as having fulfilled the requirements. [some people did scam the system, scumbags will always be with us!] I still contend that IF the Russians and the Israelis can do this, so SHOULD and CAN the greatest country on Earth.

And IF we started doing this, we would go BACK to being the greatest country and form of government anyone had ever created.

As to the injury factor, I'd bet you a dime to a donut that we're talking about the kinds of women who SHOULDN'T be in there to start with. They're in there on some damned waiver or other.

Here's what I think.

IF we go with a system of mandatory draft / compulsory service [or this draft] then the Left Wing LGBT, midget, club footed contingent can't CRY WHEN things are too hard because MANY women and LGBT, midget, [nope, midgets WON'T be able] club footed WILL be able to complete the test men complete. And then these PITA political whiners and opportunists will be pushed out by women, etc, etc, who CAN complete the tests.

Everybody HAS to try, ONLY those who can GET to!

[screw the rest of you whining MFers!]

Spider said...

I get your point bud, but i wouldn't be so quick to compare American females with Israeli or Russian women. Those are some hard, tough, babes who don't whine just because they broke a finger nail or get some cramps every month. If they were comparable, my opinion would be different.

As for mandatory military service, i've always been a fan of that concept. It is, IMO, the main reason the Israeli's are such a tough people and also why they have managed to survive for so long.

Schteveo said...

Agreed partner, they ARE a bunch of whiner, pampered children compared to the two groups I talked about. But would it be better But if we keep along this path, we'll ALWAYS be raising whiners.

The two Countries I use as reference states, didn't get tough overnight. The Jews and Russians both a had a huge problem after WWII. And they could only get stronger by making everyone get involved with fixing and running the country. The Soviet Union knew early on during The Great Patriotic War, that they had to draft women to keep the country going. Tree or four of the Russian snipers were chicks.

If we started this immediately, the registration phase. Then, much like the old draft, you have that big lottery drawing. The first year, you take 10% of the 18 - 28 y/s and you start the program with that 10%. You ramp it up 10% every year until you get 100% participation. Yes there will be bitching, and law suits.

But when everybody HAS to do it, getting a waiver will be near impossible. And at the end of that first generation, the system will be self-replicating because, like income taxes, misery loves company. That second full generation will have heard about the system their entire lives. It will be old hat and by the end of just 10 or 12 years, it would become part of the normalcy landscape.

I would go from, "..OMG, Marge did you Billy REALLY get drafted!!??? Is he going to go to Canada!???!"

to, "...Marge, he'll be back before you know it, don't put the sewing machine in there yet."

Spider said...

I agree with the basic premise, but you are talking looooong term. Young Americans, both male and female, are now so addicted to their "comforts", that it would take generations to change that mindset, if at all, especially when there are so many forces at work to keep them soft.

You know as well as i do how long it takes to whip somebody into shape, especially when they're bitching, moaning, fighting you, and suing you all the way.

My grandson turned 18 a few months ago, and the thought of military service came to my mind. Not for any disciplinary reasons, as he's a great and very bright kid. Believe it or not, when i look around at this country today, when i look at the American people in general, and if the draft were reinstated, i think i would personally drive him up to Canada. That's an act i would "never" have even thought of years ago. But that America no longer exists.

Schteveo said...

I simply do not understand that AT ALL! And I'm dying to hear the reasoning.

Schteveo said...

Actually, I'll go you this, if you'd rather take this offline, to e-mail so that you don't leave a paper trail, I'll do that. I personally think we WILL see a draft inside 5 or 6 years.

Because they'll so decimate the military 'intelligent human infrastructure', that it will be the only way to fill the smaller ranks.