Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm betting they won't use HIS brain!

So our beloved leader has decided that he wants part of his legacy to be the mapping of the human brain.  I think this might be a worthwhile project.  BUT it should be paid for by people who will make money from it.  It should not be done with a dime's worth of money from the Federal Government.  As with the genome project, there's money at the end of this rainbow.  So how's about the guys that will make the money, make the investments too?
The Obama administration is planning a decade-long scientific effort to examine the workings of the human brain and build a comprehensive map of its activity, seeking to do for the brain what the Human Genome Project did for genetics.

The project, which the administration has been looking to unveil as early as March, will include federal agencies, private foundations and teams of neuroscientists and nanoscientists in a concerted effort to advance the knowledge of the brain’s billions of neurons and gain greater insights into perception, actions and, ultimately, consciousness. 

Scientists with the highest hopes for the project also see it as a way to develop the technology essential to understanding diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as to find new therapies for a variety of mental illnesses.

Moreover, the project holds the potential of paving the way for advances in artificial intelligence.

Anyway, regardless of who pays, I suggest that they NOT use Obama's brain for this mapping, as the map would just look like a map of Cook County / Chicago.


Abby Normal said...

Probably just the South Side.

Schteveo said...

South Side of ChiTown? Or south side of his brain?

Either way though, NOT great areas of the country, right?

Abby Pootal said...

Both should get nuked

Spider said...

Check this out. As i predicted, the Left's anti-gun nuts are starting to push harder and harder.

Schteveo said...

making racial jokes I'll accept, we do it, it may not be PC but we allow it.

What you wrote wasn't a 'joke', it was a slur, and that's why I killed it.