Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The New Amerika

 "A nation that cares more for it's lazy 3rd and 4th generation welfare recipients than it does for it's brave and dedicated warriors is a nation that will not survive..." -- Spider



Schteveo said...

I saw that article. But it left much unanswered for me.

First and foremost, WHY did he leave the Navy after 16 years? And regardless of who he killed in combat, 16 years doesn't entitle him to anything from our current military system.

Second, if he's got even soft tissue problems that are recorded, he's probably eligible for medical retirement. Like anyone else, he can go to the VA and get his $$$$.

No one's family has benefits, after the service member leaves the military, even those who retire. Colin Powell's wife ceased getting ANYTHING from the military the day he retired.

And as much as I hate to make a 'crazy' statement. This guy didn't do any more than tens of thousands of other guys. I can tell you that part of his problem is attitudinal. And if he thought he'd be treated the same as a civilian, as he did as a SEAL, he fooled himself. Just because he was treated with [extra] respect IN the Navy, doesn't mean sh1t in the real world.

It probably should, but it doesn't.

The saddest part of this is that we are still so afraid of our enemies that this guy can't even tell us his name. And when your heroes have to hide to keep your country's enemies from finding and killing them, who's REALLY winning the war?

Cowpill said...

Agreed, being in Air Force Special Tactics for years I learned they cradle the operators very well, keeps them on the hook I guess. Most are great guys but some are truly in love with themselves. Done properly it takes about 6 months to go through the disability process, most of which was done before my retirement date.

Anonymous said...

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Spider said...

Personally, i was quite surprised he came out into the open. But, when you see all the support that psycho (and now dead) ex-cop killer in Mexifornia was getting online, you can see why certain people should/must remain anonymous, especially if you're one of this nations warriors.

I believe his reason for going public was to shine a light on how (all) our combat vets are treated, not just himself. And if that's the case, then i agree with him.

And yes Steve, those are the rules, but that doesn't mean they're right and not in need of change. They deserve better.

Schteveo said...

as far as I know, joining the military is THE only job in the country where you can literally join at 18 [17 if you've got a HS diploma and dad's OK] go to school for free, get 30 days vacation every year, get some fine bonuses every 4 or 6 years for re-enlisting, advance through the ranks by keeping your nose clean and passing a test, get your family med care for free, and retire at half pay at 38 [or 37!] have almost $60K for school by putting less than $5K INTO the system, and still have years and years to work with that experience and schooling!

However, IF you get out even at 18 or 19 years, without a reason [medical usually] then you don't get squat. Listen dude, I come from a military family, my sons are the 5th generation to do their bit. So we're talking about a solid line from before the Spanish-American War. I just do NOT see that staying in less than 20 years, could bestow on you anything other than your school money.

How the hell would the country EVER pay for some broad system of ongoing support if every Tom, Dick or Harriet got 'support' for life, after serving just 4 years?

Having said that, I will tell you that I am 110% in favor of at least 2 years of Federal Service, to be done between 18 and 30, by everyone physically or mentally able. It doesn't have to be the military. We have thousands of schools, hospitals, parks, and historic sites that could be maintained by a Federal Youth Services Group. I am also in favor of voting rights ONLY for those who complete said service!

I'll go so far as saying you can opt out by signing on the dotted line, by age 26. But then you are ineligible for student loans, FHA home loans and you can't get ANY federal money except disability, and that only because you can't avoid accidents and illnesses.

I feel for this guy Spider. But anyone who spends 16 MONTHS in the military has been told repeatedly how the system works and what their rights and responsibilities are. So a guy with 16 YEARS can't cry foul, just because BHO is in the WH, and because he bailed at 16.

I'd like to know his reason for the 'why' of that decision. Fuck dude, I was in the NAV under Carter! That SOB was ex-military himself and he SCREWED us over. At least Obama has his Leftist ignorance and hate of the military to hide behind.

Schteveo said...

OK, so they just had some guy, Galucci from the VFW, on FOX talking about this.

His whole deal was about what a raw deal this guy got. AW, that's just BS. Then he went on about how little an opportunity post the military guys like this have, well, and again, AW, BS!

Being a SpecOps guy is VERY, very specialized. It's ALL volunteer AFTER volunteering for the service. And anyone old enough to get into, get through the training and old enough, tough enough and smart enough to stay in that community for 13 or 14 years, basically guys from 22 to 40, has got to know there is NO civilian call for his type of military training. I have to be honest, I can't believe Blackwater or one of those type outfits hasn't scooped this guy up, every swinging...one of them knows WHO this guy is, it is NOT a big secret inside that community.

Listen, I'm not unfeeling for this guys plight.

But this is a work path that he CHOSE. I don't see anyone on the Right bitching and barking for people that same age who have lost careers in construction, or in IT or in banking. He chose his career path just as certainly as many civilians do. Sad but true.

Hey, my older son has about 18 months left, the 'richard craniums' in the WH and Congress are talking about CUTTING military pay. I don't hear anyone barking about those guys who are STILL in there serving and how they'll feed THEIR kids all year long! And yes, I'm MFing pissed off about this thing.

Even the stupid f*&ks at FOX have not figured out this is ALL designed to take America's eyes OFF terrorism, and pout it on 'feeling' better about something. Something like the Federal Gub'ment spending MORE money that we have to borrow from China. And that's exactly what we need, the Chinese paying American citizens to get OUT of the military.

That's a superlative idea, and a great plan, if you're a ChiCom leader or Party Member.