Thursday, February 7, 2013

KKK on the loose in Philly!!!

So I'm reading Drudge, and there's a link there that says, "KKK in Philly!".  I'm a news junky, so I go to the link, it IS a guy in a KKK hood, in Philly.  But here's the kicker, it's a BLACK man in the hood.
In 2013, no one expects to see a man dressed in a Ku Klux Clan robe mid-morning in Center City, Philadelphia.

“I think that’s nonsense,” said one woman on the street.

“He needs to be committed to the jail system,” said another onlooker.
The man, who stood on the corner of 13th and Filbert on Tuesday, is not out to lynch or kill black people. In fact, he is black.

Thirty-five-year-old Sixx King says he’s using the offensive symbol to highlight a serious problem: black on black crime.
“We’re bringing awareness to the black hypocrisy, complacency and apathy in the African-American community,” said King.
According to the FBI, in 2011 more than 7,000 black people were killed. King’s sign reads that the KKK killed 3,446 blacks in 86 years, while black on black murders surpass that number every six months.
“All my anger for my ancestors who went through that terror of a Ku Klux Klan hood and what that symbolizes to me, evoked anger,” said Philadelphia Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. “I was angry!”
Councilman Jones took a picture of what he witnessed and posted it on Facebook. Hundreds have shared the image, and the comments were mixed..
So here's my question.  HTH can you be so blind that you're more concerned with what used to happen, that you ignore what's happening DAILY?!  And then it hit me, these boobs are so brainwashed into seeing that hood and white skin as the ultimate EVIL, that black people killing black people is NOT hardly seen as evil at all.  Or, if wasn't for the Klan and American racism, the ghetto wouldn't exist at all, and the black on black crime wouldn't exist either..

Of course, taking that to the ultimate end, how many of today's African-AMERICANS would even be alive, if the slaves had not been brought here or taken to the Caribbean, or Cuba or wherever?  There's one thing for sure though, my white-@$$ will NEVER be able to ask that question in the open.

I really liked that person who thought he should be put in jail for that hood.  I wonder what they thought of the NBPP guys with their berets, shades and night sticks at the polls in 2008.

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