Monday, October 21, 2013

Gender Equality means you women CAN hit MEN!!!

Well, no, hell it doesn't either!! But in our idiot media, even the ass hats at Fox, that's what everyone thinks I guess.  And monkeys might fly outta my officially tagged jersey too, the day that's the 'law'.

Let me say, at the outset, I am not a Jets fan and I'm not a Patriots fan.. I am, however, a huge fan of the TRUTH.  There is little of that to be found in how this story is getting reported.

Yesterday and all morning I've been seeing video, from several angles that supposedly show a guy in a Jets jersey, 'punching' a woman in Patriots gear.  I say supposedly, because I've seen this video, from several angles, and what I see is a pushing match, people on the ground, and this blonde dimwitted babe, run through the crowd and slapping or punching him FIRST!

Here's a link to the story and a video if you haven't seen him 'brutalize' her YET.

A couple thoughts hit me here, no puns intended.  This kind of stuff is WHY I don't do massed humans in small places events.  I don't want to be in, near or around people, like her OR him, so I don't go in their vicinities!  Having said that, I am and always have been an avowed 'defensivist'.  IF you hit me, I will, under no uncertain terms, try to knock your head, minus your teeth, into the next Zip Code!

At the point where that guy was 10 or 12 feet from the people on the ground, no arms were swinging, and she RAN over and slapped or punched him, I was on HIS side.  Regardless of WHAT or WHOM he punched prior to that, were I a judge, and they were in my court, he'd be free and clear for defending himself, and she'd be paying THE stiffest fine I could muster.  He'd be on the hook for whatever anyone can prove.  But judging from the video, HE'S the one being shoved around, so, what do I charge him with?

She'd be fined to a good shade of toasty though.  Crazy harpy that she evidently is! 

Are there no Ladies left in this country?  Most of the women under 50 that I get around, act like spoiled brats who are money hungry hookers at best, foul mouthed thieves if hooking isn't paying well enough today!  It makes me glad I have sons.


Jerking Off Alone said...

Slap the shit out of them, Fuck the shit out then, then piss on them just before you kick their whiney asses out of the house.

BOW said...

Another side show of circus freaks while we are all moved along
toward the egress

Schteveo said...

Not that I'm intentionally watching this train wreck, but this thing has gotten to the point where this poor schmuck is being threatened with being killed, by people who want to 'protect' the woman he hit.

I'm guessing the person who said that, evidently has a working Way-Back Machine, so that killing him NOW or tomorrow, will somehow remove him from the space / time continuum at Giant Stadium YESTERDAY! I'm not sure if using the Way-Back and going back to kill all her grandparents will protect him though. I'm of the opinion that most women her age, wou;d do what she did.

Maybe this poor bastard can live in a closed compound in TX with George Zimmerman, so the honest and good people don't rise up and kill them?

Anybody get the impression that I'm sick of this kinda shit!?

Spider said...

In all the years i worked, i dealt with quite a few females, mostly black, who, believe it or not, are usually more violent than the males. That's because they don't think you will hit them. :)

I always had (and still have) one simple rule. "If you act like a man i'll treat you like a man". Meaning, raise your hands and i will respond in kind.

Usually, when they woke up and realized they made the wrong choice, that's when the "little girl" tears start, the ones that are supposed to garner sympathy. By that time it was too late as the cuffs were already on and the ambulance was waiting.

Cowpill said...

My belief has always been, if she balls up her fists and punches you in the face or balls out of anger, she wants her ass wooped like a man.